A Year with iTunes Match

Apple introduced iTunes Match one year ago today. To mark the anniversary, I’ve written an article for Macworld, iTunes Match: One year in, where I discuss some of the problems with Apple’s cloud service, and offer some suggestions for improvement.

I also joined Macworld’s Chris Breen and Dan Moren on this week’s Macworld podcast, to discuss iTunes Match, iTunes and the iTunes Store.

So if you’re interested in iTunes Match, check out the article and podcast.

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  1. Shaun H says:

    Superb article, great read. The only thing I would like to add is that I struggle with Match using Folders and Smart Playlists within them. I virtually use Smart Playlists for everything usually by pasting text into comments then creating the rule.
    I find it has been crashing a bit when I use Match and access my playlists and sometimes takes ages to load. I restored my iPad its a bit better but still not perfect.
    If a Smart Playlist was a woman I would have to propose marriage!, WOOF WOOF! I love them, brilliant for using with my 14 cycles of Beethoven string quartets (Takacs my favourite) etc etc thanks for the article MUSIC IS THE ANSWER!
    I also have a iPod classic 160Gb that I carry which has only Apple Lossless files on it, with my Klipsch on-ear headphones the music sounds FAT – Abbado playing Mahler, Manu Katche on ECM and Danny Tenaglia house music from Beatport all sound sound CRISP! I can clearly hear Keith Jarrett making a sound like a goose trapped inside a cement mixer as he improvises! iTunes Match is so convenient across my families iOS devices (although my daughter prefers Beyonce over Alban Berg!) Thanks again for the article I’d like to know what specific music you really like to listen to – maybe you could do a blog post with 10 desert Island disc favourites on it?


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