Additional Sort Columns Available in Media Folders in Finder List View

If you go to any folder in the Finder, and choose List View, you have a number of columns that you can display: Name, Date Modified, Size, etc. However, recently noticed that if you go into your Music folder (the one in your home folder), and right-click or Control-click on any of the column headers, there are some additional columns that you can display.

If you go to the Movies folder, I see some different options:

And the Pictures folder offers these options:

Now, if you choose to display one of these columns, it will be blank for folders, but it will contain information for individual files. The first item below is a folder; below that are music files.

Interestingly, these options – at least the first two – are also available in the iTunes Media folder. However, only the Movies folder shows the second example above; all the other folders show what is in the first example, the one for the Music folder. This is the case for Books, Podcasts and even Mobile Applications.

I’m not sure why this information is available here. Some of this data is visible if you select a file and choose Get Info; but not all of it. And some of the information in the Info window is not available from the above lists. All of the items in the list are available for Finder searches, yet Finder searches include dozens of other criteria.

I don’t know why these options are available; I’m not sure if I’d want to use them. And I’m not sure why this only seems to be available in these few folders. But I find this interesting.

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  1. Charlie says:

    Perhaps I’m clicking wrong, but when in list view on my Snow Leopard Macbook Pro 7,1 none of the extra, added options were visible to me. My particular interest is in the Pictures folder, where I’ve been trying for quite some time to coax ‘dimensions’ and ‘resolution’ into the mix.

    I’ve been attempting this via ‘Show View Options’—-am I missing something, Kirk?


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