An iPhone User Goes Android

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Moto g 2732952bI’ve written about the Motorola Moto G here on Kirkville, and I’ve written an article for Macworld, discussing my experiences with an android phone.

“I’ve been using an iPhone for a few years, but I’ve always been curious about Android. Not because I didn’t like my iPhone, but I wanted to know if I was missing anything. I’d seen how Android works when friends showed me their phones. But given the cost of smartphones and tablets, it wasn’t worth getting an Android device just to play around with it.

“But then, a couple of months ago, Motorola released an Android smartphone—the Motorola Moto G—at a low enough price that I was tempted to get one, just to see if it might be better. I decided to take the leap, and here’s how I fared.”

Read Can an iPhone user learn to love Android? on Macworld.

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  1. Lee says:

    I have the 16GB model; switched from iOS because a new iPhone was way too expensive, and I really like it.The camera’s a bit shoddy, but for £160 I’m not complaining. It’s got a beautiful screen, is very responsive, and a pleasure to use.

    For iOS syncing without the hassle, SmoothSync for Cloud Contacts and SmoothSync for Cloud Contacts are great, each about £2. Arguably I could have done this myself by fiddling with Card and CalDAV settings, but why bother?

    • Kirk McElhearn says:

      I admit that I didn’t look too far for syncing solutions. I found the free ones, and they seemed to work. There is an app I mention in the article that can sync over wifi, but this phone is the wrong kind, so it won’t work with it.


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