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Mac Pro Audio Ports: Microphones Not Recognized


I’ve got a microphone to review for Macworld, specifically for its use with speech recognition software such as Dragon Dictate. (Amazon.com, Amazon UK) I was surprised to find that the Mac Pro doesn’t recognize this microphone. Apple has a support document entitled Mac Pro (Late 2013): Audio ports which explains the audio interfaces on this […]

SpeechWare USB TableMike: A Great Microphone for Speech Recognition and Podcasting


About two years ago, I reviewed the SpeechWare USB 6-in-1 TableMike for Macworld. I looked at the microphone, at the time, for its use with speech recognition; specifically with Dragon Dictate for OS X. It was the best microphone I tested, among a number of different mikes, offering the best accuracy for speech recognition. It […]

Three of the Best Rock Concert Movies of All Time


I like using iTunes’ shuffle mode, and every now and then, it pops up something I hadn’t heard in a while, giving me an Aha! moment, reminding me to spin a (virtual) disc that hasn’t been heard recently. Today, the one that set me off was Born Under the Punches, by Talking Heads. Listening to […]

For Sale: One Slightly Used Box Set of Twin Peaks on Blu-Ray


The other day, I pointed out that Twin Peaks had been released on Blu-Ray. Having never seen the series, but having heard so many good things about it, I bought it. Well, I watched the pilot and the first two episodes, I realize this is not for me. From the hokey acting to the cheesy […]

Book Review: Give My Regards to Eight Street, by Morton Feldman


Composer Morton Feldman was a voluble man, but he didn’t write much down. He taught and gave lectures, but his collected writings fit in this book, Give My Regards to Eight Street (Amazon.com, Amazon UK). At just over 200 pages, it contains articles about art and music, and liner notes and program notes for some […]


Indie App Developers Have It Rough: So What?


Indie app developer Jared Sinclair released an RSS reader for iOS in January, 2014, and he recently wrote about his travails and the lack of income from the app. This article has been taken by many to show that the life of an indie app developer is rough. So what? All due respect to Mr. […]

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