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Author: Kirk McElhearn

The Committed Podcast Gets Thankful

On this week’s episode of The Committed podcast, Ian Schray, Rob Griffiths and I took some time to discuss what we’re thankful for: the technologies and products that make a difference in the way we live and the way we work. Listen to The Committed, Episode 59: “Don’t You Have Giant Hands?”.

Six Colors: Attack of the 50-foot Save Sheet

This morning I tried to save a file in BBEdit, only to discover that I couldn’t see half of the save sheet—it was so large, it went off the bottom of the screen.

It turns out—and thanks to Jon Gotow of St. Clair Software, maker of the excellent Default Folder X, for the answer to this—that there’s a bug in Yosemite that causes a sheet to grow taller by 22 pixels every time you use it.

I hadn’t noticed this, but, sure enough, when I tried it out, I saw that each time I invoked the Save sheet – by pressing Command-S – it got a bit longer. Try it, even with Safari. Press Command-S, note where the Save sheet ends, then press the Escape key, or click Cancel. Then do it again a few times.

Read the article on Jason Snell’s website Six Colors to find out how to fix it.

This is a stupid bug. Stupid bugs like this shouldn’t be in shipping software.

via Six Colors: Attack of the 50-foot Save Sheet.

The iTunes Store Sells Philip Glass Sheet Music

I spotted an interesting item on the iTunes Store today. Together with a new recording of Philip Glass’s Complete Piano Études, Apple is selling the sheet music for these works, in the iBooks Store. This is not new; there is plenty of sheet music on the iBooks Store, but I had not noticed it before. […]

Matthew McConaughey to take The Stand for Stephen King adaptation

Matthew McConaughey is tipped to take the role of villainous Randall Flagg in The Stand, a Hollywood franchise based on the 1978 Stephen King novel. Backed by Warner Bros, The Stand will be released as four standalone pictures directed by Josh Boone.

Very cool; a perfect choice. However, this most likely means that he won’t be able to play Roland Deschain, in the projected film/TV adaptation of The Dark Tower, may favorite Stephen King work. The Dark Tower is a seven-volume (plus a later-written intermediate novel, and a novella) that combines fantasy, horror, and is set in a Western context. The original character, the Gunslinger, was patterned after Clint Eastwood in the westerns he made back in the day. McConaughey would be the perfect personification of that character.

Coincidentally, I started re-reading The Stand again just last night… Still the best Stephen King novel. If you haven’t read it, you should. (, Amazon UK)

via Matthew McConaughey to take The Stand for Stephen King adaptation | Film |


Apple’s Obsession with Thinness; How Much Thinner Can Things Get?

Apple is obsessed with thinness. With an obsession that rivals that of the CPU clock speed days, Apple touts thinness for many of its devices. Look at the new (poorly named) iPad Air 2; the first text you see on Apple’s website is: “So capable, you won’t want to put it down. So thin and […]

AppleCare Support Understaffed In the UK

I’ve always found Apple’s support to be excellent; superior to any other hardware company I’ve dealt with. I buy AppleCare contracts for all my Macs, and, last week, I had a question for Apple support. I called in twice, but each time was told that the wait time would be longer than ten minutes; I […]

Kindle Books More Expensive on Kindle Device than Amazon Web Site?

Browsing some books on my Kindle today, then later on my iPhone, I noticed a discrepancy between the prices on the two devices. I first wondered if it was because I was logged in to Amazon UK with a different account (I have two accounts; long story). But I was logged in with the same […]

Review: Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Like millions of people, I need to keep an eye on my blood pressure. You can check it when you visit your doctor, but many people have “white-coat hypertension.” Just getting their blood pressure measured at the doctor’s office stresses them out, resulting in higher than normal readings. All the better reason to check it […]

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