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Author: Kirk McElhearn

BBC Documentary Blames Apple for Chinese Labor Conditions, Ignores All the Other Companies

I’ve worked at a lot of different jobs in my life, but there are a few I’d never like to try: picking crops on a farm, working in a chicken processing plant, and working in any kind of factory. The relentless assembly lines and the noise of the machines would be hard to deal with. […]

The iTunes Guy Finds Your Lost Ringtones and More

Another iOS update, another round of bugs. This time, a recent update to iOS 8 deleted ringtones and alert tones. I explain how to get them back. I also look at using multiple Apple IDs in the iTunes Store and App Store, discuss not being able to block iTunes Radio, and look at a question […]

Amazing New Inexpensive Audiophile Device Improves the Quality of All Speakers

A friend sent me a picture of his new Mackie studio monitors, together with an amazing new device that greatly improves their sound quality. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. The specific gravity of the beans dampens parasite waves that can affect the linear flow of electrons in the cables, ensuring […]

Apple’s Chinese Factories: Did the BBC Pass Off China Labor Watch’s Reporting as Their Own?

The BBC broadcast a scathing documentary about working conditions in Chinese factories last night, in a documentary on its Panorama program called Apple’s Broken Promises. In researching this story for an article that will be published on Macworld later today, I noted that China Labor Watch, an advocacy group fighting for better working conditions in […]

The Loudness Wars and Classical Music

I got a new recording yesterday that I’m quite enjoying: Philip Glass’s latest release, The Complete Piano Etudes, on his own label Orange Mountain Music. (, Amazon UK) I started listening to it last night, in bed, on headphones; I was surprised at how low I needed to turn the volume on my iPhone. This […]

Setting Up a New Mac: Should You Migrate or Do a Clean Installation?

If you’ve just bought a new Mac, and you’re upgrading from an older computer, you want all of your files and data to be accessible on the new machine. But when setting up a new Mac, should you migrate or do a clean installation? When you buy a new Mac, it might be a good […]

What to Do When iTunes Doesn’t Find Track Names for CDs You’re Ripping

I ripped some CDs today, and was very surprised to see this in iTunes: iTunes uses the Gracenote CDDB database for CD lookups, and, for 99.9% of the CDs I’ve ripped, it finds the correct albums. (One notable exception is CDs from the Brilliant Classics label.) It finds this metadata because almost every record label […]

The Committed Podcast Does a Year-End Round-Up

On this week’s episode of The Committed podcast, Ian Schray, Rob Griffiths and I look back at the year that was. We discuss Apple’s bumpy year, with new products, but also unreliable software; we chat about the demise of Macworld Expo, and the downsizing at Macworld magazine; and we offer our final Picks of the […]

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