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DVD Notes: The Forsyte Saga


A few years ago, I watched the 2002 TV adaption of The Forsyte Saga with Damien Lewis. (Amazon.com, Amazon UK) I was impressed by this series, which looks at an upper middle-class English family and the events that unfold as people in the family stop conforming to tradition. From a trilogy of novels by the […]


“Shakespeare More Exciting than a TV Series” – Henry VI at the Avignon Festival


Henry VI – Shakespeare’s three-part history play – is one of the Bard’s earliest works, and my only experience seeing it performed was not very positive. I spotted an article about a production at the Avignon Festival in France, that claims that the play is “more exciting than a TV series.” Performing all three plays […]

Should Theaters Remove the “Boring Bits” from Shakespeare?


In an article in the Daily Mail, hobbit Martin Freeman discusses cutting the “boring bits” out of Shakespeare plays so younger people enjoy them. He’s currently starring in a production of Richard III in London – which I won’t see, because it’s too far to go to see someone like him play Shakespeare – and […]

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