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Interview with R. Andrew Lee, Minimalist Pianist

I first discovered the recordings of R. Andrew Lee when I heard his five-hour November, released on the Irritable Hedgehog record label. After that, I purchased many of his other recordings, including music by Tom Johnson, Jürg Frey, Eva-Maria Houben, Anne Southam and others. I’m particularly enamored of the kind of slow, gradual minimalist music […]

Feature Creep and Planned Obsolescence in Audio Equipment

Back in the day, you could buy a stereo – an amplifier or receiver – and pretty much assume it would last for the foreseeable future. My son is currently using some hand-me-down gear that’s about twenty years old, and that still works fine. But lately, the audio equipment industry has figured out that, by […]

Amazon UK Promotes Bob Dylan Bootlegs

It’s one thing that Amazon sells bootleg recordings; I understand that it may be hard for them to police all the stock they get from “record companies,” and third-party resellers. I’d noticed quite a few Dylan bootlegs in the past couple of years. These aren’t 50-year old recordings, which are fair game in the European […]

Book Review: Franz Schubert, The Complete Songs, by Graham Johnson

Among the large bodies of work in the classical music repertoire, Franz Schuberts songs, or lieder, is one that stands out not only by its scale – some 729 songs, written before the composer’s death at age 31 – bit also by its quality. Sure, there are some songs that aren’t masterpieces, notably from his […]

How Hi-Fi Magazines Write about Cables, Part 11

Ah, the gift that keeps on giving… In the latest installment of this series, I look not at a cable (I’m keeping the generic title for the series; most of the articles are about cables, but some about other esoteric audio accessories), but at a ” resonance elimination device.” On the Audiophilia blog, a reviewer […]

First Impressions: The Complete Basement Tapes, by Bob Dylan and The Band

In the continuing Bootleg Series of Dylan releases, we’re now able to hear a very special collection of songs: The Complete Basement Tapes. (, Amazon UK) This six-disc set brings to disc – finally – the (more or less) complete Basement Tapes that Dylan and The Band recorded in West Saugerties, New York, near Woodstock, […]

How Hi-Fi Magazines Write about Cables, Part 10

It’s time for another installment in my popular series of articles highlighting the balderdash used to describe audio equipment, especially cables. I wrote a short article this morning (The Audiophile Fallacy), and a link on the Wikipedia page for “audiophile” let me to a website called Audiophilia. I figured that this site would have some […]

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