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iTunes 12 Brings More Power to the Column Browser

If you’re familiar with the Column Browser in iTunes, it’s a great way to be able to navigate content in your media library. To display it – in most list views – press Command-B. It displays several columns above your content: In iTunes 12, the Column Browser have been given new powers; there are new […]

iTunes 12: Shuffle All Your Music

While it’s easy to shuffle an album, a playlist, or all the music by a given artist in iTunes 12, shuffling your entire music library isn’t available from the usual controls. But there are two ways you can do this. The first method involves using iTunes’ menu controls to turn on shuffle: choose Controls > […]

How Newsstand failed The Magazine, and what Apple should do

When iOS 8 went into developer betas, and so many interesting features began to be discussed, as well as a more developer-friendly approach, I had hopes. Perhaps Apple would “solve” Newsstand, and rescue it from neglect. Maybe it would break us out of Newsstand jail and let publication apps coexist, even if we had to give up showing a changing cover as the app’s icon. (It seemed unlikely Jony Ive would allow this, but he’s a clever man, and I thought he might have a solution to meld static app icons with changing covers.)

But iOS 8 went into release with nary a change. The Newsstand abides, a wasteland for publications that only use it as an adjunct—and us. The failure to improve iTunes and the App Store for discovery also remains problematic. It’s really impossible for people to find a publication that matches their interest when all they find are top-ten lists and a field to search for something they already know they want.

Glenn Fleishman writes, for Macworld, about the history of The Magazine, the publication that he has been editing, and which is retiring on December 18. I contributed an article to issue #5, Tour de Front Row.

A few months ago, I wrote a Macworld article explaining why I’ve stopped reading magazines with Newsstand. The Magazine, and Jim Dalrymple’s The Loop Magazine, are the only two exceptions. And then there was one…

via How Newsstand failed The Magazine, and what Apple should do | Macworld.

A Week with the Retina 5K iMac

It’s been just about a week since I got my 5K iMac (whose official name is iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2014)). I wrote about my first impressions, and it’s time to give a one-week report. From time to time, a computing device comes along that changes everything. The 5K iMac does just that. Granted, […]

Go Back to iTunes 11

If you don’t like iTunes 12, it’s possible to revert back to iTunes 11. Chris Breen explains how over at Macworld. Personally, I don’t recommend this except to those people who are well-seasoned working with their Macs and messing around with things that aren’t designed to be messed with. It’s a complex process, and things […]

Case Review: Inatek Felt Kindle Sleeve

After I cracked my Kindle Paperwhite’s screen (which somehow miraculously healed itself), I replaced it with a new Paperwhite and bought a case for it. It was a standard folio case from Anker; the kind that has a back shell and a flip-open cover. (, Amazon UK) This is a good case, and it protects […]

iTunes Radio Plays the Same Songs Over and Over

I’ve used iTunes Radio off and on since its launch, and I’ve not yet been won over by its approach. It plays the same songs over and over, until I try to exclude them by telling iTunes to not play them any more; and this even for songs I like. Since you can only skip […]

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