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Apple is hiding an embarrassing iPhone 6 camera bulge

“Apple has an unpleasant bulge it’s hiding. The latest iPhone 6 has slimmed down to just 6.9mm of metal in what Apple describes as a “streamlined profile,” but it has picked up one element that isn’t particularly streamlined: an ugly camera bulge at the rear. You wouldn’t necessarily spot it if you were browsing Apple’s website though. While some images display the bulge clearly, there’s a number where it has simply vanished from sight.”

I’ve noticed this in many of the Apple photos, which are actually 3D-rendered graphics. I also notice that on the iPhone 6 case that I bought – which I got from Amazon yesterday – there is a slightly raised border around the hole for the lens and flash. This suggests that the case is thinner than the height of the camera. So If I put the phone in this case flat on a table, it won’t really be flat, but raised a tiny bit by the camera.

via Apple is hiding an embarrassing iPhone 6 camera bulge | The Verge.

I Wonder How Much Money Google Makes from This

Let’s say you’re searching for a web site that you don’t use regularly, or haven’t bookmarked. In Safari on OS X, you type the name into the search/address bar, then press Return. Since there’s no bookmark, Safari won’t auto-complete the domain with .com, and you’ll end up in a Google search. So what Google does […]

Tim Cook: Apple Watch Will Have Onboard Storage

When Apple presented the Apple Watch last week, there was no mention made of any usable onboard storage. The watch will have to have some storage for apps, but nothing during the presentation suggested that you would be able to store anything else. In Tim Cook’s interview with Charlie Rose, however, Cook said that you […]

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