Choosing a Microphone for Speech Recognition

I’ve been using speech recognition tools a lot recently: Dragon Dictate, and the new Dragon Express (my review of which should be up on Macworld in a few days). As part of this, I looked at the different types of microphones you can use with speech recognition software in my latest Macworld article. If you use speech recognition software – on a Mac or with Windows – you should have a read, and see what is available. I found some very good microphones when doing my research.

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  1. Robert says:

    So I have been trying to find something that tells me whether Dragon will work with Scrivener. Does it?

    • kirk says:

      It works with any application. The only thing is that with apps other than Word and its own Notepad, you can’t dictate and edit in the same document. But you can dictate into any application, edit using voice commands, or post-edit from the keyboard.


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