Comparing Colors Between the iPad Air and iPad Mini

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Earlier today, I posted my first impressions of the iPad Air. I like it a lot. But I noticed something: in comparison with my iPad mini, the colors are different. The blues are much bluer, and the reds seem a bit more muted. It’s hard to see it in a photo, but here’s one I shot of the two next to each other:

2013-11-01 20.43.29-1.jpg

To my eye – both when I look at the iPad Air, and when I look at the above photo – the different in the blue is obvious, but the red less so. I don’t have any other iPads to test, but I did publish a post last year, comparing the iPad 3 to the iPad mini. Have a look at those photos, which looked more at the difference in whites than other colors.

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  1. Joe Nash says:

    Hmmm… I’m guessing this is the difference between manufacturers’ screens. I reckon your iPad min’si will be a Samsung, and the Air will be someone like a Sharp.

    It’s a shame that Apple is trying to distance themselves from Samsung. They make superior screens and don’t seem to suffer so much from mass production backlog issues.

  2. Huw Gwilliam says:

    We need to be able to run a) F.lux without jailbreaking and b) some sort of Color-sync technology on these screens if we are to take them seriously as alternatives to ‘proper’ computers. (hi Joe btw ;)

    • Joe Nash says:

      f.lux would be even more useful for an iPad, which is used more than a laptop for reading at night. I guess setting iBooks to sepia background is the best bet, but a lot of the stuff I read is on the web or through Tweetbot… So yeah Apple, bring f.lux type ability to iPad! And hi Huw ;)


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