Design Concept: Let Users Add Apps to iOS 7 Control Center

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Perceval McElhearn writes:

Control Center in iOS 7 is one of my favorite new features, I use it all the time to adjust brightness and toggle Airplane Mode. It’s also a great improvement compared to iOS 6, where the same actions could take up to a dozen taps, the toggles and sliders being buried in the Settings app.

While the four bottom app spots are great for quick access to “tool” apps, two are wasted on me since I barely ever need quick access to a calculator and have the Camera app on my home screen, which is good enough for me.

The idea would be to allow the user to choose which apps appear in three of the four bottom spots (since removing the flashlight would mean losing the feature completely, it being only accessible through Control Center). That would be great for weather apps and other “quick-glance” apps that are opened a few times every day but aren’t necessarily worthy of a home screen spot.

To replace an app, the same tap-and-hold interaction from the home screen could be used, allowing the user to choose from a list of apps ordered by most-to-least opened in the last week, for example.

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  1. Michael says:

    Not as simple as it seems: since Control Center can appear on the lock screen, Apple would have to have some way of ensuring only apps with no ability to compromise your data or security could be installed there. Would you want your Contacts app to be available there? Your remote banking app?

    • Kirk McElhearn says:

      Sure, there would have to be a sort of flag for apps that could be allowed to go into Control Center. Or, an option to allow Control Center to require authentication: if we’re going to be using fingerprints in the future, it will be quick.

  2. John Lester says:

    Please,Please ,Please leave iTunes alone …It was working Fine,Great Until you took the scroll bar out of the PLAY LIST section of (on your left hand side) See for yourself ..First make a playlist or use one that you have already created ..Then try dragging a tine to one of your play list … … You can’t Because there is no scroll bar.. The extra player is fine ,The extra radio configuration is fine .. Now Enough,Enough Before you brake it and no one will understand how to operate it .. Its not cool anymore .. Please fix the scroll bar so i can get back to work on organizing my music i want to burn and save in my play folders ..Please ….

  3. mark says:

    Good idea! I found myself thinking the same thing. Wouldn’t mind adding a couple of app’s of my own, like the calculator of my choice, or actually being able to open the podcast or music player.

    I also find the low contrast annoying. Seems “great design” is white and dark grey on a grey background. To me great UI design would be using color and contrast for great readability with good looks. Sometimes I think they lighten the contrast so all the UI elements disappear at 10 feet.

  4. Mark Hughes (@mhuggies) says:

    The first change to make is a bit of context awareness – there is no need to have the camera button on control centre when accessing it from the lockscreen, so an alternative (like music or podcasts) could replace it. Similarly, if accessing control centre while using the calculator, camera or clock apps, the chosen alternative app could appear

  5. Czarembo says:

    It would be nice to permit geolocation controls trigger such options such as wi-fi, turning it on when I reach the library – turning it off when I leave. Same with bluetooth/wi-f when I reach home something seamless.


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