Disappointed by Sennheiser’s Wireless Headphones

I’ve long wanted wireless headphones. Not only to listen to music at home without wires, but to listen outdoors, controlling iTunes with my iPod touch and Apple’s Remote app, being able to flip through anything in my music collection, rather than being limited to what’s on my iPod.

Many years ago, I tried wireless headphones, but the static from interference with my home phone was terrible. But recently, having seen very good reviews for Sennheiser’s current wireless headphones, I ordered the RS 180 model, which is the best of three available. It offers transmission of up to 100 meters (line of sight, of course), and has, apparently, the best sound quality of the three models.

Alas, all was not as expected. In spite of what many reviews say, there was a very noticeable hiss coming from the headphones. I tried turning off all my wireless devices – my AirPort base station and my phones – but the hiss was still there. Either these headphones were getting interference from somewhere, or I had a defective unit.

I bought these from Amazon, and I was hoping that I could contact Sennheiser for technical support, to find out if there was anything I needed to check. But Sennheiser does not offer any technical support; none at all. Tech support for their products is provided by the reseller, and Amazon is certainly not the one to go for with this type of question.

So I was left with two choices: return them for a refund, or for exchange. It so happened that when I went to process the return on line, the headphones were not in stock, and wouldn’t be for 1-2 months, according to Amazon FR. Oh well, here’s a fine example of a tech company not only losing a sale, but getting a pissed-off customer at the same time. I have two other Sennheiser headphones, and I like them very much, but the next time I buy new headphones, I’ll find a brand that does offer tech support in case I do have any problems or questions.

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  1. Chucky says:

    Man, I would love to find a wireless headset package that managed to make the right trade-offs in terms of price, sound quality, comfort, and ease of ongoing use.

    But as Bono sez, I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

  2. Eric Palonen says:

    Hello Kirk-

    I find your post a bit troubling, and am here to help. We DO in fact offer FREE technical support…www.SennheiserUSA.com and +1 877 736 6434 x3. We are also active in the PR and blog community and reach out to customers via avenues such as this and our Facebook page (SennheiserNorthAmerica), Twitter (#SennheiserUSA) and Youtube (.com/Sennheiserusa). Lastly, here is my personal email: epalonen@sennheiserusa.com and personal phone number: +1 860 434 4564.

    Lets chat about it..it sounds like an issue with too-low of a signal volume, but would like to talk more in detail about it to find out more about your components and other system specifics.

  3. Chucky says:

    “I’m in France”

    Y’know, at some point, you should write a post explaining how that all came to be. (Gotta be marriage, no?) There is a good story there.

    I read the entire Tom Ripley series, and gave the matter serious thought before deciding that becoming a sociopathic criminal wasn’t the correct way to end up living in France.

    But every time I re-watch a Godard movie, I do think I was born in the wrong country.


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