Hardware Notes: The Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand

On my desk, I have a 27″ Apple Thunderbolt display, connected to my main computer, a Mac mini. But I often need a second computer in my work – to be able to test software, do screen shots, and more. For this, I have a 13″ MacBook Pro, which sits on an angle to my left.

I don’t like having a laptop on my desk (I’ve had a number of laptops over the years as a second computer), and for a long time had a plastic stand that raised it off the desk on an angle. But the biggest problem with that stand was that it wasn’t stable enough; when I would type on the laptop, the stand moved, making it annoying.

Doing a search of mail-order vendors, about three years ago, I came across the Rain Design mStand (Amazon.com, Amazon UK). Selling for around $50 in the US, this stand is exactly what I needed. It raises the laptop, tilts it on a good angle, and provides room under the computer to stash things (in my case, an external DVD drive and some cables). It’s easy to slide on the desk, since it has felt feet, and it’s really stable. When I type, it hardly moves, unlike plastic stands.

If you need a good stand, either if you use your laptop as your main computer, with a keyboard connected to it, or, like me, for use with a second computer, the mStand is an excellent choice.