How Many Spotify Tracks Are Unavailable?

I’ve been on a Miles Davis kick lately, having recently read a biography of him (Miles Davis: The Definitive Biography, by Ian Carr;, Amazon UK), and currently reading his autobiography (, Amazon UK. I’ve got a lot of his albums, but there are some I don’t have. I went to Spotify to check them out, thinking that, perhaps, finally, I should pony up the £10 a month for a music streaming service.

Alas, I was surprised when the first album I wanted to hear wasn’t entirely available. As you can see, about half of this three-disc set is available to stream:


I thought this was just bad luck, so I looked around at some other jazz artists I was interested in. I found that this is a trend. For example, here’s are two John Coltrane albums, each of which has one unavailable track:



And here’s a Charles Mingus album:


In the case of the Mingus, many of those tracks are available on other albums. But I find it odd that the occasional track – or, in the Miles Davis case, half a three-disc set – is not available on Spotify. I had assumed that when they had an album, it was all available to stream.

I haven’t done a lot of searching on Spotify, but is this common? Are there a lot of tracks that you can’t stream?

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  1. Scott Atkinson says:

    I spend some time on the AudioKarma forums, and there’s a thread right now on ECM titles disappearing from MOG. The gist seems to be that ECM is pulling back on what it licenses for streaming, and there’s some conjecture that we’re seeing the end of the “dirt cheap, all you can eat” streaming.

    That kind of makes sense to me; having been on the receiving end of $18 cds back in the 90s, I’m as resentful of the industry as the next avid listener, but I have no idea how labels can make a go of it if streaming at $5 a month for users becomes the order of the day.


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