How Much Can You Spend on a Mac Pro?

This much:



That’s for the Mac Pro itself, with the maximum amount of RAM and storage, and the fastest CPU and video cards. And I added a trackpad and keyboard. (Related: Apple, are you really that cheap that you can’t include input devices with a computer at this price?)

If I add a 4K display and AppleCare, I get this:



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  1. david toub says:

    Yup. And my 2011 MBP has much more SSD storage space (1 GB). What the Mac Pro accomplishes is create more demand for expensive thunderbolt external drives because the products of all that video editing can’t be stored on the computer itself.

    • Kirk McElhearn says:

      I’ve got two WD My Book Thunderbolt dual hard disk things. My current Mac mini only has my boot drive, documents and apps, but not music and videos; they’re all on external media.

  2. Friggykeith says:

    Don’t think you’re there yet. If you have a half decent amount of pics or videos, the Promise or similar is surely a must too?


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