iCloud is Flat: Whither OS X?

With the arrival of iOS 7, that new flat-featured operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, scheduled for today, Apple has unveiled a new design for iCloud, its web portal for accessing email, calendars, contacts and more. And iCloud is now flat:


This flatness is reproduced in each of the apps that iCloud provides. For example, here’s the iCloud Mail sidebar, which uses the same slim typography as iOS 7.


Contacts, Calendar, Notes and Reminders all take on the new look as well. But Pages, Numbers and Keynote do not have this new look. So will we see this new flat presentation in OS X? Currently, Apple is up to the eight developer release of OS X Mavericks, and there is no visible flatness; OS X Mavericks looks, for the most part, like Mountain Lion.

But if Apple is re-branding iCloud, I wouldn’t be surprised if they release a newly designed version of Mavericks before it reaches the public. As much as I find the iOS 7 design problematic on a mobile device – mostly because the fonts are too thin to be read easily when looking at a screen outdoors – I think it would work well on the desktop. Time will tell.

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  1. Tony says:

    It’s weird, because you can’t access iCloud.com from an ios device. So the design is presented only to OSX or modern web browsers on other platforms. All of which don’t have the new flat design.

  2. Geoff says:

    If they do I’m sticking with Mountain Lion. I hate the look it is too ho hum reminds me of child’s work. In short it bores me. Everything on OSX as it is pops out at you although they’ve dumbed it down in places in recent years. I like that effect of 3D, transparency, light, and shadow. The high resolution screens are made to bring out such effects. Now that we’ve got them we go to flat 8 bit gaudy colored images which could look the same on a low resolution screen. Let’s not have another boring run of the mill type interface design just because Steve Jobs is gone and not around to turn things down. Apple has to excel or start charging what it is worth. No more than anyone else. Maybe less.


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