iTunes 11 and Podcasts: You Cannot Delete Old Podcasts

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I posted a first article about how Apple has broken podcasts with iTunes 11, and the more I look at it, the more I see that it’s a mess.

Here’s one problem: you cannot delete old podcasts. If you do – deleting them, and their files – they still show up in the podcast list. Here’s what you’ll see:


These podcasts never go away. They’ll show cloud icons for you to redownload them as long as they’re still available from the iTunes Store. So if you have a podcast with lots of episodes, you’ll have a very long list when you look at it in List view.

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    • Bernard Munter says:

      Quite so, but if you click the Old Podcasts button it, too, will show the old ones and you can’t get rid of them. Grrrrr.

  1. Joe Nash says:

    My god, it’s such a mess. Why do they keep tinkering with it? I’ll keep a close eye on your blog so I know when it’s actually safe to upgrade from 10.7!


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