iTunes 11 Update Fixes Various Artists Bug

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The initial release of iTunes 11 had a bug with compilation albums where, in Albums view, they would not display Various Artists, but rather the name of the artist of the first track on the album. This has been fixed; now compilations show Various Artists in Albums view.


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  1. David says:

    Hi Kirk,

    thank you for this wonderful website. I wonder which format do you rip your classical music cds?

    Is there a difference between mp3 320k vs. apple lossless (i.e., can the human ear perceive the difference? )

    many thanks!

  2. Joseph Urda says:

    Just applied iTunes Build 11.0.2 (26) 64bit Build to my MacBook Pro running OS X 10.8.2 (12C3012).

    The new iTunes Build was supposed to make exploring music even easier. Instead it makes it extremely frustrating!!

    If I am looking at an artist’s album and then decide to review the related content and click on another album to look at it and then click on the back arrow on the black iTunes ribbon bar, I expect to be taken back to the original album. Now the back arrow control is such highlighted as active , but it does absolutely nothing.

    I have to essentially go back to a generic category, search for my original artist/album and start all over again!!

    This functionality makes the new iTunes player worthless for exploring music. This enhancement was supposed to make it easier.

    Who is doing their QA?? Are these iTunes Builds released to Beta testers or is this all internal

    AThe progress indicator inactive or sometimes stuck when previewing a track or an album. It just sits there, it is supposed to move!!!!!!

    Sweet another “feature” as some of our vendors call “defects” released as part of enhancements that is intended to be addressed in a future “hot-fix”.

    When playing tracks in my library the progress duration bar “double-triangle” doesn’t move but adjust the volume control slider and the bar moves to the approximate location in the track’s duration.

    Sweet, is their QA team visually impaired too??

    Hopefully you can forward my comments to the dev team.

    Thank you,


  3. Joseph Urda says:

    Plus is there a physical postal (or email) address for someone/ department who handles the anthology collection for iTunes.

    I like listening to Russian/Eastern European pop/club dance music while I review code (I am a DBA who specializes in SQL performance tuning for large third-party software packages).

    I derive a lot of energy from music while canceling out the rest of the office noise.

    Yes I leave iTunes feedback for new artists and releases both new and older ones that provide insight to few breakaway artists that are only now getting attention with their newer crossover English releases (AKA: Serebro (Серебро)).

    Sometimes a physical piece of paper carries more weigh than a feedback request into a black hole.

    Much Regards,

  4. Joseph Urda says:

    well i should have guessed , when applying the upgrade , i was informed by the installer that I should quit ITunes.
    I did but did see via the activity monitor whether or not it remained in memory.

    iTunes was acting strange when trying to sync with my iPad3 staying in a status of preparing to update files forever so I finally Force Quit iTunes without re-booting and behold upon restarting iTunes the back arrow and the progress bar works as expected.

    Shame on me for doubting the Gods.

    Apologize for troubling you,


  5. Joseph Urda says:

    In deep remorse I apologize for my rant.

    As penance I visited my local Apple Store and confessed my lack of faith at the genius bar.

    I will also make 10 purchases from the iTunes store and buy 1 gift card for future purchases.




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