iTunes Store Offering Free Mastered for iTunes Updates of Beatles Music

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Apple’s Mastered for iTunes “format” is supposed to provide music as the artist and sound engineer intended. In general, if you have purchased music from the iTunes Store in an older format, you can’t get the newer tracks without buying them again.

However, the iTunes Store is allowing you to do this for tracks by The Beatles.


Go to this page to find out more.

This is an interesting change. However, beware: Mastered for iTunes tracks may not sound as good as you think. Keep your older tracks just in case.

Update: the direct link above doesn’t seem to be working. Try going to The Beatles’ page on the iTunes Store then clicking the link you see here:


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  1. Mark says:

    I also purchased both box sets. I subscribe to iTunes Match. I wonder if the Mastered for iTunes versions are now what are streamed, and can be downloaded.

  2. Joel says:

    Interesting how this worked- as you may recall, “She Came In Through The Bathroom Window” has not “matched” with iTunes Match, and still didn’t in my case. Some albums uploaded files when I first “matched” them two years ago and had those replaced with “mastered for iTunes”, some replaced all of the uploaded, and some albums did not replace any.

    I sure would like to know how to force it to give me files I know iTunes has but is only letting me download the lower quality rips I did all those years ago when my hard drive space was at a premium.

    Thanks for the heads up!


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