iWant: Celebrity Siri Voices

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Wouldn’t it be great if Apple sold in-app purchases with iOS for celebrity Siri voices? I’d love to have Bob Dylan answer my queries on my iPhone. Or perhaps Sean Connery. On the female side, a sultry Jodie Foster, or a bubbly Christina Ricci. Just think of the possibilities.

Dylan once joked about doing the voice for a GPS device

Which voice would you like for Siri?

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  1. Tian (in U.S.) says:

    Steven Pacey, Alfred Molina, two of my favorite audio book readers; the female voice, I’d like to hear Emma Thompson.

  2. Marcus Jarrett says:

    Jenny Agutter. Not only is her diction crystal clear for these sad old loss-affected ears, her voice is quite, quite beautiful.


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