iWant for iTunes: More Font Size Options

I got a new Apple 27″ Cinema Display today. It’s a beautiful screen, and I especially like the ability to make my iTunes window bigger. I can display more columns than before, seeing much more information about my music. However, given the higher pixel density of the screen (there are more pixels per inch than the 24″ I was using before), everything looks smaller. iTunes lets you make some changes in the preferences, choosing between “Small” and “Large” for font sizes in the source list (the sidebar) and in list view.

iTunes needs to offer more font sizes. Small and large aren’t enough; there should be the same types of options as with other programs. Even if iTunes doesn’t allow you to choose different fonts, there should be more font sizes for new displays with smaller pixels.

And while I’m at it, there should be a preference for the font size in Finder window sidebars. As pixel densities increase, users just see these things get smaller and smaller with no way to adjust them.

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  1. Mark says:

    Agree to that. Even in Mail. Although you increase the body size of the email, you can’t increase the the size of the pane where your messages are listed, nor the sidebar, or I haven’t found a way anyway.

  2. Aaron Meurer says:

    Maybe in Lion, Apple will have finally have gotten things working well enough with the resolution independence that it can become a feature of the operating system. It certainly seems like the sort of thing that they might have “learned” from the iPad/iPhone (even though they have really been trying to do this for years).

    See http://arstechnica.com/staff/fatbits/2006/04/3720.ars and scroll down to “Scalable User Interface” at http://arstechnica.com/apple/reviews/2005/04/macosx-10-4.ars/20.

    • kirk says:

      Yes, I would love to see this. With the wide range of pixel densities on Mac products, it’s time for it, if it’s doable.

  3. fud says:

    The gray background of title bars, lists, and elsewhere doesn’t help either.

    And then there are the Gray fonts being used all over the web. The cool thing seems to be a contest to use very light gray fonts, sometimes on a non-white background, readability be damed.

    Apple webpages designed with low contrast have become common. At least the Safari Reader feature is available.

    • Aaron Meurer says:

      The grey text doesn’t bother me so much as the grey icons. Apple seems to have forgotten the basic UI tenant that color helps distinguish different UI elements. Before, I could easily pick out the music library, for example, just by seeing the icon without even having to read the text. Now, they all look the same, so you have to strain your eyes either on the grey icons that all look alike or the grey text. They made the same mistake with the toolbar buttons in Safari, by the way.


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