Kindle Prices Plummet

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Amazon has introduced another new Kindle model, and this time the prices are starting to get low enough that this device may, indeed, become a commonplace appliance. The 3G version – which lets you get books almost anywhere, over the 3G network, is $189. But the real news is the wi-fi only model, which, for most people, is more than sufficient. Since Amazon has to pay for the 3G access, this allows them to offer a much cheaper wi-fi model: only $139. I’ll predict that there will be a $99 Kindle by Christmas, and the future of these devices will begin. At less than $100, people will easily buy ebook readers.

However, the iPad is still going to keep on selling like gangbusters, because of the many things it does. Will Apple release a smaller iPad designed more for ebook reading, at a lower price point? Time will tell.

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  1. Tom Geller says:

    I won’t have a Kindle until either they’re essentially free, or I’m required to for some reason.

    Parallel: I recently looked into getting an Ohio highway pass, so I could breeze through tool booths like I did in California. But here, they charge a $0.50 “maintenance fee” per month. No. The pass does them a favor as much as they’re doing me one: I’m not paying for the privilege.


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