Kirkville Contest: Win a Free Copy of TuneSpan

My current sponsor, Random Applications, the developer of TuneSpan, has decided to give away a few copies of their app. TuneSpan is one of my essential iTunes accessories.


TuneSpan lets you select which files you want to move, moves them, but keeps pointers to them in the iTunes library file. This is no mean feat, and it’s something you can’t do easily on your own. Just launch TuneSpan, choose the files you want to move, choose a location for them, and the app will copy everything, then tidy up your iTunes library.

So, for this contest, I’d like to know how big your iTunes library is. I’m curious to find out how much music, movies, TV shows and/or podcasts you have, and I’ll publish the results (anonymously). I’ll give away four copies of TuneSpan chosen at random from the entries I receive (using redeem codes for the iTunes Store).

Here’s how to send your entries. First, in iTunes, display the status bar: choose View > Show Status Bar. Next, click on one of your libraries and note how many items you have. Here’s what I see in my Music library.

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 1.47.59 PM.png

To enter the contest, fill in the form on this page with the numbers you see for your different iTunes libraries.

Note: I won’t keep your email addresses, I won’t give them, rent them or sell them to any third party. I’ll only use them to contact winners of the contest.

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