Learn How to Clean Up Tags in Your iTunes Library

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In an article posted on Macworld yesterday, I talked about how to tag your iTunes content. Today, a follow-up article was published, How (and why) you should clean up your iTunes tags. In this article, I discuss how to fix your tags, even when they’re a stonking mess.

I took a test library of 500 songs, and, with the help of Doug Adams, totally annihilated their tags. Doug wrote me an AppleScript to munge their tags beyond recognition. The files looked like this after I had run them through the script:


Read the Macworld article to see how I fixed those tags, how many were fixed, and to learn about a number of AppleScripts that can help clean up your tags.

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  1. Chucky says:

    I’ve long (more than a decade?) used Media Rage, formerly MP3 Rage, to correct tags and artwork. It generally depends on either the file names or tags having some useful information to begin with, and then requires a reasonably small amount of manual work on the user’s end. (Even if the file names and tags have zero useful information, it’ll still work, however that involves significantly more work for the user. However, that type of ‘zero useful information’ situation is a rare outlier in my experience.) Overall, it’s immensely cheaper than the type of annual subscriptions described in the article, and is much more accurate, which matters a lot for me. Highly recommended as an alternative method if you really want your tags to be 100% correct and clean, as I do.

    • Chucky says:

      In addition, I like having my file names (and file hierarchy structure) match my tags, just for forward compatibility’s sake, and Media Rage also handles that nicely.


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