Listen to Me Talk about Apple and the Tour de France on the Sports-Casters Podcast

While I often talk on Mac podcasts, this was a first. I did an interview for the Sports-Casters podcast yesterday, discussing Apple and Lion (at the time of the recording, we didn’t know that Lion would be released today, and being under NDA, I couldn’t say much), as well as the Tour de France, which comes about 5 km from my home today. Check it out to hear me, and two writers from Sports illustrated who talk only about sports.

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  1. FrenchKitsch says:

    Kirk, link above doesn’t work either.

    Jalabert had to tell another sportscaster to “respire” (take a breath) , as he got so excited.
    I’m sure that wasn’t you !

    • Chucky says:

      “Kirk, link above doesn’t work either.”

      On the off chance that you are referring to my link rather than Kirk’s, this one should work…


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