My Take Control of iTunes Now in the iBookstore

My latest book, Take Control of iTunes 10: The FAQ is now available in Apple’s iBookstore. You can now get it in epub format, in addition to the original PDF, and read it in iBooks more easily. (Epubs do flow more easily than PDFs when you change font sizes.)

If you’re on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, click this link to see the book in the iBookstore.

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  1. Aaron Meurer says:

    Do you have to actually have the iBooks app to search for iBooks? I tried searching in iTunes, and only got a thing at the bottom of the search screen telling me that I could download iBooks (no results).

  2. kirk says:

    Yes, you can’t buy it from iTunes (at least not yet; I have a feeling Apple will sell books through iTunes in the future).

  3. Tonya Engst says:

    And, if you want the EPUB version of Kirk’s ebook AND the PDF, you can buy the PDF from Take Control directly at

    Once you’ve downloaded the PDF to your Mac or PC, on page 1 of the PDF, click Check for Updates. (You do not have to log in at this point, though you may.) Find the alternative formats download link, click it, and download. Load that EPUB into iTunes, sync your Books library to your iOS device, and you’re in business!

    Regardless of all of the above, it is nifty that Kirk’s ebook is in the iBookstore, and if you are shopping in iBooks anyway, buying it from the iBookstore is fun and easy.

    -Tonya Engst


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