Quickly Start Playing Music in Shuffle Mode on iOS

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Yesterday, I explained how you can shuffle your entire music library in iTunes. Today I have a quick tip: how to start playing music in shuffle mode on an iOS device.

In the previous article, I pointed out that you can access the Shuffle feature through the Music app; but I found that there is a quicker way. Just use Siri.

Tell Siri, “Shuffle music,” and it will start playing all your songs in shuffle mode. Tap Show Now Playing to open the Music app and display the currently playing track.


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  1. Steven de Mena says:

    The skip limit is because they’re paying rights to publishers/owners for each song, even if you skip it. So they need to limit skips.
    All free versions of similar streaming services impose similar restrictions.

  2. Bob Daly says:

    Hi Kirk. You can also ask Siri to play shuffled playlists by saying something like “Play shuffled rock”, with “rock” being a playlist.

  3. Rich G says:

    Is there a way, using Siri, to play a playlist unshuffled? One time I told Siri to play a playlist shuffled, now it always does. I can’t figure out how to get it to stop playing shuffled.


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