Review: Contour Design Showcase iPod Case

Countour Design Showcase
Available in 8 colors for 3G iPod, Black or White for 4G iPod, $32.95

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Review by Amber Robey

My 3G iPod is by far the most expensive and most extensively used portable music player I have ever purchased. I take it everywhere and use it so much that I usually have to recharge it at least every 2 days. It came with Apple’s standard case: a dismal failure when it comes to functionality. It provides almost no protection other than preventing scratches to the front and back, and you have to completely remove the iPod to access its controls.

So, after trying a large assortment of cases, I came across the Contour Design Showcase, which had all the features I was looking for. The Showcase comes in a variety of colors (for 3G iPods; black and white only for 4G iPods), and provides more substantial protection to the most vulnerable parts of the iPod. It features a clamshell-like design that completely encloses the iPod and latches shut firmly on the side. The Showcase completely covers the iPod’s screen and there are “cut-outs” over the wheel and buttons allowing you full access to both while on the go. For the slimmer 20 Gig iPod, the case comes with a thin rubber insert to make the fit nice and snug. An additional feature is the horizontal belt clip that allows you to have the iPod across the top of your pants, shorts skirt or kilt instead of vertically; this keeps it from becoming dislodged while you’re walking or running.

This clip also works well on the front strap of my Camel backpack, providing full access to the controls so I don’t have to twist it to find a playlist when running, walking or cycling.

You do have to remove the iPod from the case to connect it to the Dock, but if you’re simply syncing and charging with the connector cable, you can do so through an opening at the bottom of the case.

Overall impressions: This is by far my favorite case; I honestly could not find anything about the Contour Showcase that concerned me or that I did not like. I feel more comfortable now using my expensive little investment, and the Showcase provides both protection and functionality at a low price.

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