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Kindle Books More Expensive on Kindle Device than Amazon Web Site?

Browsing some books on my Kindle today, then later on my iPhone, I noticed a discrepancy between the prices on the two devices. I first wondered if it was because I was logged in to Amazon UK with a different account (I have two accounts; long story). But I was logged in with the same […]

Amazon UK Promotes Bob Dylan Bootlegs

It’s one thing that Amazon sells bootleg recordings; I understand that it may be hard for them to police all the stock they get from “record companies,” and third-party resellers. I’d noticed quite a few Dylan bootlegs in the past couple of years. These aren’t 50-year old recordings, which are fair game in the European […]

Amazon Quietly Develops Their Own Delivery Service in the UK

I’m an Amazon Prime member here in the UK, and have been since shortly after I moved to my current location, in the West Midlands, near Stratford-Upon-Avon. Until a couple of months ago, all my Amazon packages were either delivered by the post office (Royal Mail), or one of a handful of delivery services: DPD, […]

Amazon Fire TV: First Impressions (Spoiler: They’re Not Good)

I got an Amazon Fire TV today. It’s finally started shipping in the UK. (, Amazon UK) I have to say, my first experience with the device isn’t very positive. After plugging it in, I saw a screen asking me to choose my language, then I saw this: The progress bar moved, slowly, for about […]

Kindle Family Library: Share Your Kindle Books with Family Members

One thing that has kept me from buying more ebooks is the inability to share them with my partner. In the US, you can share Kindle ebooks, on a one-off basis, but it’s not a simple process. Here in the UK, there is no such feature. I noticed a new feature listed on Amazon’s Kindle […]

My Kindle Paperwhite’s Cracked Screen Has Healed Itself

I couple of months ago, I cracked my Kindle Paperwhite’s screen. I tossed it on my bed, one day, and it landed on my iPhone, making a nasty crack with spidery lines extending a few inches. It wasn’t broken, but there was no way I could read on that device; it was too distracting. So, […]

New Kindle Voyage Offers Higher Resolution; But Will It Have Better Fonts?

Amazon has announced a new Kindle, the Kindle Voyage (odd name…) that is due to ship in November. (, Amazon UK) A bit smaller than the Kindle Paperwhite, this device boasts a higher screen resolution (300 ppi compared to 212 pip for the Paperwhite), and an adaptive light, so the screen light will vary according […]

Amazon Fire TV Now Available in the UK; With £30 Discount for Amazon Prime Members Through Monday

Amazon’s Fire TV is now available in the UK. This Apple TV competitor offers streaming of content from Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Spotify and others. About the same size as an Apple TV, the main interest for me is the ability to stream Amazon Prime Instant Video, which is included as part of the Amazon […]

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