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Upgrade Pricing Now Available on the iOS App Store?


I was looking at a crossword app that I use today, and saw that there was a new version. I downloaded the free version of Crosswords, and still had the older version – Crosswords Classic – on my iPad. When I launched the app, and tapped on one of its menu items, I saw a […]

App Store Hypocrisy: Apple Bans Sexy Comic but Sells Tit Mags


According to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Apple has banned an issue of a comic from the Comixology app. “After extended review, Apple has decided to ban Image Comics’ Sex Criminals #2 from ComiXology’s iOS app based on undisclosed violations of their content guidelines.” Apparently, Apple sent the following statement to the publisher of […]

Apple IDs Suck


Yep, that’s pretty much the state of Apple IDs. The number of problems I hear about from readers is astonishing. We all have one, if we ever buy anything from the iTunes Store, the Mac App Store, or use iCloud. And they cause problems. I’ve written an article over at Macworld, The Problem with Apple […]

Apple and App Store Censorship


What’s the deal with this censorship, Apple? Ok, you banned jiggly boob apps, and even all apps that have babes in bikinis. One can argue for this in some ways, but you still sell an app from Playboy. So now you censor a Pulitzer prize winning cartoonist for satire. This is an app with political […]

How iPad Application Pricing Will Change the App Store Game


With today marking the dawn of a new era in computing (I seriously believe this, but only time will tell), Apple’s App Store is going to deliver different results to developers than it did for the iPhone. While lots of apps will sell for the iPad, this store is going to stop being the El […]