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iWant: Offline Storage in Apple TV

A reader wrote me asking if there was any way to download videos from Netflix or Hulu, because his bandwidth is often too slow in the evening to watch movies streamed from those services. I have a similar problem; my bandwidth is so slow that, even if I get full speed, I can’t get HD […]

Use Voice Search with the Apple TV

Amazon introduced its Fire TV yesterday, and one of the features the company touts is “voice search.” Using a tiny microphone in the device’s remote, you will be able to speak when searching for content, instead of pecking out letters by moving a cursor around on your TV screen. For example, you might want to […]

How Apple’s AirPlay Streams Audio

I got a question from a reader asking how Apple’s AirPlay streams audio. The question specifically asked about how audio files are converted, and whether AirPlay reduces their quality. Apple doesn’t provide much information about AirPlay, and I found a number of articles and forum posts where people described complex testing routines to determine the […]

The Committed Podcast Looks at the Apple TV

On this week’s episode of The Committed podcast, Ian Schray, Rob Griffiths and I discuss the state of the Apple TV. Once described by Steve Jobs as just a “hobby,” it has become a product category of its own, with 10 million units sold last year, generating $10 billion dollars in content sales and rental. […]

Apple Gives Apple TV a Promotion

The Apple TV, which Steve Jobs famously once described as “a hobby,” has been given a promotion. When you shop in Apple’s online store, the Apple TV is now a top-of-the-page category of its own. For now, all you see there is the Apple TV itself and its remote – unlike the other categories, where […]

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