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The Committed Podcast Gets Thankful

On this week’s episode of The Committed podcast, Ian Schray, Rob Griffiths and I took some time to discuss what we’re thankful for: the technologies and products that make a difference in the way we live and the way we work. Listen to The Committed, Episode 59: “Don’t You Have Giant Hands?”.


Apple’s Obsession with Thinness; How Much Thinner Can Things Get?

Apple is obsessed with thinness. With an obsession that rivals that of the CPU clock speed days, Apple touts thinness for many of its devices. Look at the new (poorly named) iPad Air 2; the first text you see on Apple’s website is: “So capable, you won’t want to put it down. So thin and […]

AppleCare Support Understaffed In the UK

I’ve always found Apple’s support to be excellent; superior to any other hardware company I’ve dealt with. I buy AppleCare contracts for all my Macs, and, last week, I had a question for Apple support. I called in twice, but each time was told that the wait time would be longer than ten minutes; I […]

How Much Media Content Does a 16 GB iPad Hold?

In a recent article, I did a test to see how much free space was left on a 16 GB iPad after installing iOS and all of Apple’s apps. Taking into account the “Other” space that’s always lost on an iOS device, I got a bit more than 8 GB to store music, movies, photos […]

Apple Changes “Free” Terminology on App Store; But Still Uses Free for Top Charts

Apple made a change to the terminology they use in the App Store yesterday. Instead of saying Free on the price buttons for free apps, they now say Get. Apparently – and rightly so – this is because the EU is cracking down on “free” apps that can actually cost a lot of money because […]

iTunes 12 Sync Problems: Why Doesn’t Syncing from iTunes to iOS Devices Work?

Syncing isn’t easy; syncing a variety of disparate content from iTunes to iOS devices is complex. There have always been problems with syncing, but lately, these problems have increased. I get lots of email from readers, both of this website and of my Ask the iTunes Guy column on Macworld, and lately a lot of […]

The Committed Podcast Talks about New Products and the iPhone 6 Plus

On this week’s episode of The Committed podcast, Ian Schray, Rob Griffiths and I discuss some new wearable products, talk about the Kindle Voyage (Ian and I both have one, and we love it), and rag on the Pebble “smart watch.” Then we go on to discuss, in detail, Ian’s comically-large iPhone 6 Plus. Listen […]

Apple’s iOS Apps are Bloated; and How Many Gigs Do You Get on a 16 GB iOS Device?

I have Apple’s Numbers on my iPhone; I use it because there are a few spreadsheets I maintain to track expenses, and it’s quite practical to have access to them on my mobile device. It takes up 335.9 MB. I don’t make many videos, but if I did, I might want to use iMovie: it […]

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