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The Committed Podcast Does a Year-End Round-Up

On this week’s episode of The Committed podcast, Ian Schray, Rob Griffiths and I look back at the year that was. We discuss Apple’s bumpy year, with new products, but also unreliable software; we chat about the demise of Macworld Expo, and the downsizing at Macworld magazine; and we offer our final Picks of the […]

Apple’s Handoff and Continuity Work Now; So What?

I wrote about a month ago about my travails getting Handoff and Continuity features to work on my Macs and iOS devices. With the exception of my MacBook Pro, which does not work at all with these features, all my other devices – my iMac, iPhone, iPad Air 2 and iPod touch – work. It’s […]

Why Apple’s Two-Step Authentication Can Be Dangerous

Apple offers two-step authentication for iCloud accounts, but their version of this process is quite rigid, and is downlight dangerous. Owen Williams writes about this in an article for The Next Web, showing how he was nearly locked out of his account. His account was locked for “security reasons;” in other words, someone tried to […]

Why Can’t Apple Fix iOS Syncing?

Here we go again. Yet another problem syncing an iOS device. It’s gotten to the point where syncing an iPhone or an iPad is a perilous task. Today, I wanted to remove a couple of music playlists from my iPhone and add some others. I checked the capacity bar in iTunes, which showed me that […]

I Almost Fell for This Apple ID Phishing Email

I almost fell for this; until I read the subject line. iPhone 3; seriously? These guys need to update their stuff.* * Apparently some readers think I was being serious above. I’ve added this footnote for those who didn’t spot the sarcasm, which, perhaps, is not as obvious as I thought.

The Committed Podcast Gets Thankful

On this week’s episode of The Committed podcast, Ian Schray, Rob Griffiths and I took some time to discuss what we’re thankful for: the technologies and products that make a difference in the way we live and the way we work. Listen to The Committed, Episode 59: “Don’t You Have Giant Hands?”.


Apple’s Obsession with Thinness; How Much Thinner Can Things Get?

Apple is obsessed with thinness. With an obsession that rivals that of the CPU clock speed days, Apple touts thinness for many of its devices. Look at the new (poorly named) iPad Air 2; the first text you see on Apple’s website is: “So capable, you won’t want to put it down. So thin and […]

AppleCare Support Understaffed In the UK

I’ve always found Apple’s support to be excellent; superior to any other hardware company I’ve dealt with. I buy AppleCare contracts for all my Macs, and, last week, I had a question for Apple support. I called in twice, but each time was told that the wait time would be longer than ten minutes; I […]

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