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Here’s Everything We Know about the iWatch

I’ve seen several articles with similar titles recently, as we approach Apple’s 9/9 media event presenting (almost definitely) the iPhone 6, and (perhaps) the iWatch, or whatever it will be called. But here’s everything we know about the iWatch right now: Yes, that’s all we know. 

Apple Revamps iTunes Store Power Search Feature

A few months ago, I pointed out a semi-secret way to search the iTunes Store using the hidden iTunes Store power search feature. This is a useful way to search the iTunes Store, because you can choose to search specific types of content, and search in specific tags, such as Artist, Actor, Author and more. […]

Why I Stopped Reading Magazines with Newsstand

When the iPad first came out, I was really excited about its potential as a replacement for paper magazines. Back in 2010, shortly before the iPad was announced, I wrote that “the most important feature it may contain will be the ability to save the press from its demise.” I was bullish about the future […]

Why Apple’s Weather App for iOS Sucks

A video on Macworld today reminded me how bad Apple’s Weather app for iOS is. Serenity Caldwell shows how to use this app, but neglects to point out that it’s one of the hardest weather apps to view. Here are two weather apps, side by side. On the left is Apple’s app; on the right […]


iWant: A Solar-Powered Magic Trackpad

I love my Magic Trackpad, but it eats batteries. Wouldn’t it be great of Apple made a solar-powered Magic Trackpad? The entire surface could be solar cells; or just, say, an inch or so at the top. Batteries last a month or so, which isn’t long enough.

Is Apple Finally Getting Rid of the Glare?

Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is preparing to release a non-reflective iPad. Output of the larger iPad may be restricted by manufacturing complications related to the use of a new anti-reflection coating, which Apple plans to add to the device to make the display easier to read, said one of the people. Apple’s embrace of […]

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