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New from : iWork Cross-Platform Incompatibility

Last week Apple introduced iOS 8 and, along with it, a reconfiguring of iCloud document storage. Moving from the old, sandboxed system in which apps had access only to their own documents stored in iCloud, iOS 8 brought iCloud Drive, which allows apps to open documents in iCloud from other apps. This has been a long time coming, but there is a hitch in the transition. It’s this: when you activate iCloud Drive, all of your iCloud documents are moved into the new storage system.

That means, sadly, that apps using the old Documents in the Cloud method of accessing iCloud documents won’t see any of the iCloud Drive files. That includes all apps on Macs that aren’t running a version of OS X that supports iCloud Drive. Such as Mavericks (OS X 10.9)—the most current Mac OS that Apple has released. iCloud Drive capability is coming with OS X 10.10 (“Yosemite”) sometime next month.

This belongs in the Department of WTF. How can Apple have allowed iCloud Drive to go live, hijacking the documents of so many people? Michael Cohen offers a matrix in this article, showing which types of devices can share files with other devices. It’s pretty sad that this has happened; Apple needs to release an iCloud Drive update for Mavericks now, so people don’t lose access to essential documents.

What Michael Cohen forgot to point out is that Apple released an iCloud Drive app for Windows a few days ago. So if you use Windows, you can access all your documents. Seriously.

via New from : iWork Cross-Platform Incompatibility | Worlds of Wanwood Leafmeal.

Tim Cook: Apple Watch Will Have Onboard Storage

When Apple presented the Apple Watch last week, there was no mention made of any usable onboard storage. The watch will have to have some storage for apps, but nothing during the presentation suggested that you would be able to store anything else. In Tim Cook’s interview with Charlie Rose, however, Cook said that you […]

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