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Tag Items in Your iTunes Library in a Single Window

iTunes 12 has made a mess of tagging media files; the new Info windows are hard to navigate, and, depending on the type of content you’re editing, the tags you see change. Doug Adams, purveyor of the wonderful Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes came up with an AppleScript-based applet that lets you edit all the tags […]

Play a Random Album in iTunes

You know that feeling when you want to play some music, but you don’t know what? You can shuffle through your music library, but I don’t do that often for two reasons. The first is that my library is made up of disparate types of music, much of it classical. All my classical music is […]

The Committed Podcast Talks about Beats, iTunes, AppleScript and more

On this week’s episode of The Committed podcast, Ian Schray and I welcome special guest Doug Adams, purveyor of the Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes website. We talk about iTunes and AppleScript, and we discuss Apple’s rumored acquisition of Beats. Check out The Committed podcast, Episode 34: “Beats”.

Using AppleScripts with iTunes

I write a lot about using AppleScripts with iTunes. Thanks to iTunes’ scriptability, it is possible to extend the app with numerous features and shortcuts. If not for Doug Adams, the master scripter and proprietor of Doug’s AppleScripts for iTunes, I would spend a lot more time managing my iTunes library. I often mention AppleScripts […]

Re-Ripping CDs with iTunes

You may occasionally want to re-rip one or more CDs that you own. One of the most common reasons for this is to rip CDs at a higher bit rate than you did back when disk space was more limited. Wen you do this, you may want to ensure that you don’t lose metadata for […]

iTunes 11: AppleScript to Edit Tags of Multiple Media Types

Update: Apple fixed this in iTunes 11.1.2. I recently posted an article pointing out that, in iTunes 11.1, you can no longer edit tags of multiple media items. As I explained: “Let’s say you’ve just bought some music by download: from the iTunes Store, or from any other purveyor of digital music. You may get […]

App of the Week: Dupin Lite Culls Duplicates in Your iTunes Library

One question I get a lot from iTunes users is this: how can I remove duplicate tracks from my iTunes library? iTunes has a feature that can display duplicates, but it’s not very good. If you choose View > Show Duplicate Items, iTunes will analyze your library, then show any items that it thinks are […]

AppleScript to Toggle Between Stereo and Mono Output

It’s not often that you’d need to switch your Mac’s audio output from stereo to mono, but you may want to do so in certain situations. Doug Adams has a nifty Toggle Stereo/Mono Output AppleScript on his website today. If you ever need to make that switch, you can use this script to do it […]

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