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Why Apple’s Weather App for iOS Sucks

A video on Macworld today reminded me how bad Apple’s Weather app for iOS is. Serenity Caldwell shows how to use this app, but neglects to point out that it’s one of the hardest weather apps to view. Here are two weather apps, side by side. On the left is Apple’s app; on the right […]

Five Meditation Timers for iOS

If you practice meditation, you know what it’s like to be sitting and wondering if you’ve finished your 20 or 30 minutes, or if you’ve sat for hours without realizing it. Sometimes, five minutes can seem like an hour, or an hour can seem like a few minutes. Some people may use their watch or […]


Indie App Developers Have It Rough: So What?

Indie app developer Jared Sinclair released an RSS reader for iOS in January, 2014, and he recently wrote about his travails and the lack of income from the app. This article has been taken by many to show that the life of an indie app developer is rough. So what? All due respect to Mr. […]

App Review: Overcast, a New Podcast Player for iOS

As a podcaster, and a podcast listener, it’s important that I have an easy-to-use app for managing, downloading and listening to podcasts. iTunes used to work for me, but with the changes that Apple made to iTunes 11, and the quirky Podcasts app for iOS, I’ve pretty much given up on using that solution. The […]

The Committed Podcast Discusses Favorite Apps

On this week’s episode of The Committed podcast, Rob is back from his three-week vacation, and Ian Schray, Rob Griffiths and I discuss the Facebook mind experiment, Photos vs. Aperture, Google vs. privacy, and we do a round-robin of some of our favorite apps. We focus on apps that the others are not likely to […]

iOS Apps to Discover Great Literature

Back in the early days of personal computing, the promise of interactive, multimedia, hypertext books was exciting, notably with Voyager’s Expanded Books. But in those days, the limits of technology prevented those “books” from gaining a foothold. You could have links and unlimited text content, but the size of videos was just slightly larger than […]

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