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Great New Mac App Bundle: 8 Apps for Only $30

StackSocial is running a great new bundle of Mac apps. There are eight apps in the Mac to the Future Bundle, three of which I use and like very much: Fantastical, Ember and Capo. Fantastical is a great calendar app; I use it on both my Mac and my iOS devices. Ember is a tool […]

6 iOS Apps for Tuning Your Guitar

If you play guitar or another string instrument, one of the thankless tasks you do before you play—and in between songs—is getting your instrument in tune. There are several ways you can do this: You can have another instrument—preferably one that doesn’t go out of tune—play a note, and then tune your other strings to […]

Bare Bones Pulling BBEdit from Mac App Store

In my Twitter feed yesterday, a number of attendees at the Çingleton conference in Montréal were live-tweeting Rich Siegel’s presentation about why he was pulling BBEdit from the Mac App Store. Jason Snell has written a bit more about this, explaining Rich’s rationale: “Siegel crafted his presentation as a list of reasons that weren’t the […]

The Dangers of Disk Cleaning Apps

I read a review of a disk cleaning app yesterday, and I was curious, so I grabbed it from the Mac App Store. With a launch price of a buck, Disk App is like so many other apps of its kind. It offers to delete files en masse, with little information about whether or not […]

Dictionary and Reference Apps Not Just for Students

It’s official: School is back in session. Time to get the books and laptop, or tablet, and head back to the drudgery of another school year. But maybe this year you’ll head back to the classroom armed with some iOS apps to help you study more easily—apps that can help you find vital information for […]

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