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Amazing New Inexpensive Audiophile Device Improves the Quality of All Speakers

A friend sent me a picture of his new Mackie studio monitors, together with an amazing new device that greatly improves their sound quality. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. The specific gravity of the beans dampens parasite waves that can affect the linear flow of electrons in the cables, ensuring […]

The Loudness Wars and Classical Music

I got a new recording yesterday that I’m quite enjoying: Philip Glass’s latest release, The Complete Piano Etudes, on his own label Orange Mountain Music. (, Amazon UK) I started listening to it last night, in bed, on headphones; I was surprised at how low I needed to turn the volume on my iPhone. This […]

In What World Does a Record Producer Think that This Kind of Compression and Clipping is a Good Thing?

Nils Frahm, Says, from the album Spaces. There’s no excuse for this kind of clipping. Presumably, the engineer or producer thought the music was too soft at the beginning, so compressed it heavily, resulting in excruciating clipping and distortion near the end of the track. To be fair, it’s the only track on the album […]

The Committed Podcast Discusses Black Friday, Obsolescence and Unplugging

On this week’s episode of The Committed podcast, Ian Schray, Rob Griffiths and I chatted about Black Friday, that curious shopping phenomenon that is spreading across the world. We also look at planned obsolescence in tech and audio devices, and Ian shares a story of doing something without using technology to help. Listen to The […]

How Hi-Fi Magazines Write about Cables, Part 12

This series is becoming so popular that readers are sending me links to some of the most interesting products and “reviews” that they’ve encountered. Thanks to Mark B. for leading me to this gem. The High Fidelity Cables CT-1 Ultimate Power Cord is a $6,900 cable that takes electricity from your wall to an audio […]

Feature Creep and Planned Obsolescence in Audio Equipment

Back in the day, you could buy a stereo – an amplifier or receiver – and pretty much assume it would last for the foreseeable future. My son is currently using some hand-me-down gear that’s about twenty years old, and that still works fine. But lately, the audio equipment industry has figured out that, by […]

How Hi-Fi Magazines Write about Cables, Part 11

Ah, the gift that keeps on giving… In the latest installment of this series, I look not at a cable (I’m keeping the generic title for the series; most of the articles are about cables, but some about other esoteric audio accessories), but at a ” resonance elimination device.” On the Audiophilia blog, a reviewer […]

How Hi-Fi Magazines Write about Cables, Part 10

It’s time for another installment in my popular series of articles highlighting the balderdash used to describe audio equipment, especially cables. I wrote a short article this morning (The Audiophile Fallacy), and a link on the Wikipedia page for “audiophile” let me to a website called Audiophilia. I figured that this site would have some […]

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