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Bob Dylan

Book Notes: Bob Dylan, The Lyrics: Since 1962

Update: This book shows as available on, on December 11, 2014. It’s more expensive than the first edition – listing for $299 – and my guess is that it’s a second printing. It’s surprising that the publisher would have raised the list price, but perhaps they figure that it’s a cash cow. In any […]

Amazon UK Promotes Bob Dylan Bootlegs

It’s one thing that Amazon sells bootleg recordings; I understand that it may be hard for them to police all the stock they get from “record companies,” and third-party resellers. I’d noticed quite a few Dylan bootlegs in the past couple of years. These aren’t 50-year old recordings, which are fair game in the European […]

First Impressions: The Complete Basement Tapes, by Bob Dylan and The Band

In the continuing Bootleg Series of Dylan releases, we’re now able to hear a very special collection of songs: The Complete Basement Tapes. (, Amazon UK) This six-disc set brings to disc – finally – the (more or less) complete Basement Tapes that Dylan and The Band recorded in West Saugerties, New York, near Woodstock, […]

Bob Dylan’s Complete Lyrics: The Must-Have Book for Dylan Fans

If you’re a Bob Dylan fan, you certainly appreciate the poetry of his lyrics. In hundreds of songs, Dylan has told tales in his own unique way. There have been collections of his lyrics in the past, but a massive new book, due out in a few weeks, will collect all the lyrics to his […]

The Next Bob Dylan Bootleg Series Release: The Complete Basement Tapes

Back in 1967, Bob Dylan, after his motorcycle accident, holed up in Woodstock, NY, with the members of The Band, and recorded lots of music. In the basement of “Big Pink,” the house where they lived, they recorded and recorded. In 1975, a double-album was released: The Basement Tapes. (, Amazon UK) With only 24 […]


Essential Music: Bob Dylan’s Witmark Demos

Between February, 1962 and June, 1964, Bob Dylan, at the dawn of his career, made a number of recordings for two publishing companies, Leeds Music and M. Witmark & Sons. These recordings were released in 2010 as The Bootleg Series: Vol. 9: The Witmark Demos: 1962-1964. (, Amazon UK) Dylan had recorded his first album […]

Bob Dylan’s 30th Anniversary Concert to Be Reissued on DVD, Blu-Ray and CD

Back in 1992, Bob Dylan’s record label organized a 30th anniversary concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City. The concert included dozens of artists playing versions of Dylan songs, and ended with Dylan playing three songs, plus one where he was joined by all the musicians. Sony is re-releasing this, in new versions, […]

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