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Brad Mehldau

Death to “Bonus” Tracks

In the music industry’s never-ending quest to get us to pony up our money for the same music over and over, the standard method is to re-issue some music with bonus tracks, hoping that we’ll re-buy the same CD, or, even better, a whole slew of CDs in a box set. This trick is often […]

Album Notes: Brad Mehldau, Live in Marciac

Buy from | Amazon UK | Amazon FR I’ve been a fan of Brad Mehldau’s music for many years now, and own all of his releases (as main performer, not as sideman). I think he’s an extremely innovative pianist, and I especially like his work with his trio. This new album, recorded live at […]

Brad Mehldau on Mezzo Tonight

If you live in a country where you can get Mezzo, the French classical/jazz TV station, there’s a great program tonight. Two concerts by Brad Mehldau, my favorite jazz musician. The first is a solo gig, and the second with his trio. I have all of Brad Mehldau’s albums, and simply love his music and […]


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