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Maria Callas Complete Recordings Available for Download from the iTunes Store

I recently wrote about the remastered set of Maria Callas’s Complete Studio Recordings on CD. This 70-disc set is a big box of all of the famous opera singers studio releases on EMI. Today, I see that the iTunes Store is selling this set as well: The Complete Studio Recordings (1949-1969), for $180. This is […]

Apple Shutting Down Beats Music? Of Course; They’ll Roll It into iTunes

Several sources are reporting today that Apple is planning to shut down Beats Music. This is part of Beats that Apple acquired recently for three gazillion dollars. Is this surprising? Of course not. Apple clearly has no interest in diluting their music brand. Beats was purchased to be rolled into iTunes, and we may even […]

Apple Working on New Music Format with U2? Take Such Rumors with Many Grains of Salt

Time is reporting that Apple is working on a new music format with U2. Bono tells TIME he hopes that a new digital music format in the works will prove so irresistibly exciting to music fans that it will tempt them again into buying music—whole albums as well as individual tracks. Any comment such as […]

Don’t Like the U2 Album? Apple Is Providing a Way to Delete It from your iTunes Library

Apple has finally admitted that the U2 free album debacle was wrong. They have set up a web page where you can ask to have the album removed from your iTunes library. I’m glad Apple has realized that they made a mistake, and have decided to offer a way to get rid of it if […]

What’s Up with the U2 Free Album Download Numbers?

It’s an interesting turn of events that a free album, given to all iTunes Store customers, has elicited such a wide variety of reactions. Some people are delighted that the album is free; others incensed that Apple is forcing specific music on them. I wrote an article for Macworld about how to hide the album […]

Independent Music Labels and Young Artists Offer Streaming, on Their Terms

“The rise of streaming music services like Pandora, Spotify and Beats Music has been a boon for listeners, serving up songs for a modest monthly fee or, with ads, free. But their effect on artists, especially those with smaller audiences, has been less positive.

But rather than fight what looks like an inexorable shift in how consumers listen to music, some independent record labels and their artists are embracing the streaming revolution — but on their own terms.”

My son’s a big fan of Other People artists, especially Darkside, and has been a subscriber for some time. $50 a year for as much music as they release is a very good deal. I’d expect to see more labels do this.

via Independent Music Labels and Young Artists Offer Streaming, on Their Terms –

New, Free U2 Album for All iTunes Store Customers

One interesting thing about Apple’s presentation today was the announcement that the new U2 album would be free to every iTunes Store customer. The Apple website says you’ll find it in your iTunes library, but this is only the case if you have iTunes in the Cloud purchases turned on, or iTunes Match. If not, […]

What Kind of Music do Pono Fans Like?

I’ve talked about Neil Young’s hi-res music player Pono plenty of times on this site. I was looking at the Pono Kickstarter page today, and I find it interesting to see which “Artist Signature Series” Pono players have sold, and which were flops. These are special Pono players bearing an artist’s logo and/or signature. Pono […]

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