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Is This the Future of Hi-Fi?


Writing at The Computer Audiophile, Chris Connaker has an article laying out what he sees as The Future of HiFi. As always, he presents a number of interesting points, explaining why the future of digital music is in the cloud, by subscription, and lossless quality or higher. But Chris is wrong when he suggests: All […]

Streaming Music Revenue Makes Big Increase, CD Sales Fall Again


Nielsen SoundScan has released its mid-year report of digital music sales, and music streaming has made a huge leap in the past 12 months. In the middle of 2014, streaming has nearly doubled over last year, though there is a different way of calculating streaming. The music industry uses “stream equivalent albums” (SEAs) when making […]

What Kind of Music Listener Are You?


Neilsen, the rating company, has created a set of categories to define specific types of music listeners. Since this type of company needs to separate people into groups, it’s clearly part of their mandate to try and come up with something other than ages, social demographics, etc. Here’s what they found: Music Loving Personalizers are […]

Music Industry Shoots Self in Foot, Again, with High-Resolution Music Labeling


High-resolution music is a marketing ploy, but marketing only works when it’s done well. The music industry seems to not have learned from its past errors, and, in its new attempt to market high-resolution music, has created an alphabet soup that will confuse all but the most die-hard consumers. Andrew Everard reports, on his blog, […]

Why Apple Won’t Be Selling High-Resolution Music Files Any Time Soon


I’ve written about high-resolution music here several times, notably pointing out that it’s a marketing ploy to get you to spend more on music. Not everyone agrees, and I’m fine with that. One bastion of high-resolution apologetics is the Computer Audiophile website.[1] Chris Connaker, who founded the site, wrote an interesting article yesterday, explaining why […]

MP3s Played in iTunes Skip After 30 Seconds


I’ve been having an odd problem in iTunes lately, and I haven’t been able to figure out how to fix it. I’ve also seen that this has been a problem for other users, as seen on Apple’s support forums. (Here’s one thread describing the problem.) When I play certain MP3 files, they play for exactly […]

Is Spotify For Sale?


Are major labels trying to sell Spotify for $10 billion? According to Digital Music News – which, alas, is wrong more often than right, but which does get gossip from music industry insiders – the major labels who collectively own 20% of Spotify are trying to sell the streaming music service. If this is true, […]

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