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Move a Dropbox Sub-Folder to an External Hard Drive

Since I now have 1 TB storage with Dropbox, I can’t use all that storage on the startup drive of my Mac Pro, which is only 256 GB. So I was looking for a way to move one of my sub-folders – a Backup folder – to another disk. Jeff Carlson, over at TidBITS, explained […]

Dropbox Ups Storage Space in Pro Account to 1 TB

Dropbox has announced new features in its Dropbox Pro accounts, including an increase from 100 GB to 1 TB storage, passwords for shared links, expirations for shared links, and permissions for shared folders to make them read-only. Another great feature is a remote wipe tool, that lets you wipe a lost or stolen device that […]

iCloud vs. Dropbox: Which is Better for Managing Files on Multiple Devices?

Over at the Mac OS X Hints website, which I edit, I posted a poll about using iCloud to store documents. With OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, iCloud is now a way for applications to store files in the “cloud,” or, more correctly on Apple’s servers. This is practical if you work with multiple devices: […]

The End Is Near for MobileMe: Replace Your iDisk with Dropbox

The end is near! Not The End, but just the end of MobileMe. On July 1, MobileMe will be dead, and with it a number of features that you may depend on. One of the most practical is the iDisk, which I have long used to store files, and especially to share files with clients. […]

Dropbox and Automatic Camera Uploads

I don’t take a lot of pictures, but when Dropbox offered a beta of their software that automatically downloaded (and uploaded) photos, I tried it out. (I wrote about it in February.) When you connect a compatible device – digital camera, iPhone, etc. – Dropbox detects it and asks if you want to upload photos […]