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Amazon Announces Kindle Unlimited, $10 Monthly Access to More than 600,000 Books


Amazon today announced Kindle Unlimited, a $10 per month all-you-can-read subscription to Kindle e-books. Amazon touts “unlimited access to over 600,000 titles and thousands of audiobooks on any device for just $9.99 a month.” I alluded to this a few days ago, when Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited webpage was prematurely leaked. I’m not sure what the […]

Ebooks and Typos: Readers, and Consumers, Deserve Better


A recent article in The Guardian highlighted an embarrassing typo in a romance novel: When she spotted me, she flung her anus high in the air and kept them up until she reached me. Yes, that “anus” was meant to be “arms,” but the OCR software used in the book make a little mistake. This […]

Apple Refuses Ebook with Tits on Cover; French Go Crazy


According to Le Monde, Apple has refused to sell a book with a picture of tits on its cover. The publisher – a small press, which hardly anyone had heard of before this event – is crying foul. Using phrases like “censorship” and “a violation of freedom of expression,” this publisher is calling on the […]

OS X 10.9 Mavericks: Restore Missing Ebooks to iBooks App


I’ve gotten several emails from people who “lost” a number of ebooks after updating to OS X 10.9 Mavericks. I had pointed out that iBooks moves ebooks from your iTunes Media folder to a hard-to-find folder, but in same cases, people’s ebook libraries weren’t migrated completely. If this has happened to you, launch the App […]

Oyster: The Ebook Smorgasboard


If we can have all the movies and TV shows we want for a monthly fee, on Netflix, why not do the same for ebooks? Oyster is doing just that. Currently rolling out by invitation only, Oyster plans to offer unlimited ebooks for $10 a month. The company claims to have more than 100,000 titles, […]

Amazon Should Allow Multiple Accounts on Kindles


I’ve complained about Apple IDs, in a recent Macworld article, as these IDs control the DRM that regulates what content you can use on different devices. But Apple’s not the only company running a DRM ring that limits how you can access your content. Amazon does this as well, with the DRM on Kindle books. […]

Amazon Announces Kindle MatchBook; Users Can Buy Cheap Ebooks of Print Books They’ve Purchased


Amazon has announced Kindle Matchbook, a new program where Amazon will let users buy Kindle ebooks of print books they’ve bought from Amazon at discounted prices. Announced at prices ranging from free to $2.99, Kindle MatchBook, launching in October, is said to provide Kindle editions for “thousands of books.” I wonder how this will work […]

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