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How To: Turn off Auto-Play Videos on Facebook iOS App

If you use Facebook on iOS, you may be annoyed – or pissed off – by the fact that videos can automatically play as you scroll your timeline. It’s easy to turn this off. Go to the Settings app (not the Facebook app), then Facebook > Settings > Auto-Play. When you tap Auto-Play, you have […]

Terms and Conditions: Facebook Owns Everything You Post

After watching the documentary Terms and Conditions May Apply, I’ve decided to post occasional articles about the terms and conditions that we all agree to when using internet services. This is the first of a series. Let’s start with Facebook. Their Statement of Rights and Responsibilities is a simple overview of their many terms and […]

Facebook Lies about its Mind Experiment; Doesn’t Care about Your Concerns

I wrote the other day that Facebook conducted a massive psychology experiment on users, and you may have been a guinea pig. A lot of pixels have been spilled about this, and some of the information that has come out about the experiment is interesting. First, the people behind the experiment just don’t understand why […]

Facebook Conducts Massive Psychology Experiment on Users, and You May Have Been a Subject

A group of scientists from Facebook, the University of California, San Francisco, and Cornell University has conducted a study, Experimental evidence of massive-scale emotional contagion through social networks, on nearly 700,000 unwitting Facebook users. This study shows that: emotional states can be transferred to others via emotional contagion, leading people to experience the same emotions […]

Facebook Won’t Let Me Create a Page With My Name Spelled Correctly

I use Facebook to stay in touch with friends and family, but I was thinking of creating a page for professional usage: sharing articles I publish on this blog, on Macworld, and on other web sites. When I tried to name the page McElhearn, I saw this: Given the large number of names with inter-caps […]

Facebook Wants Way Too Much Information

I was interested to see that Facebook has released a WordPress plugin. This would allow me to easily share content from this blog to my Facebook page. I installed the plugin, and went to configure it, and, after creating an “app” on Facebook, saw the following: Seriously? My mobile phone number? MY CREDIT CARD? WTF? […]