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MBLOK Portable Mini-NAS Cloud Wireless Storage Device

Something interesting dropped into my inbox last week. A pitch to talk about the MBLOK wireless storage device. It’s kind of like a USB drive, without USB; it’s sort of like cloud storage, but it fits in your pocket; it’s a bit like a mini-NAS, but it’s not attached. It’s an interesting idea, and, together […]

Gadget Notes: rOtring 800 Mechanical Pencil

I’ve always been a fan of pencils, both wooden and mechanical. I don’t write a lot by hand, but I do like to have nice writing instruments. So I went looking for a new mechanical pencil, and took a chance on the rOtring 800 (, Amazon UK), their almost-top-of-the-line tool. (There is an 800+, which […]

Hardware Notes: Anker 40W 5-Port USB Charger

You know how, when you have a dozen or so devices to charge, that it gets increasingly complicated to charge them? You only have so many USB ports on your computer to plug them in, and it’s annoying to keep playing musical USB ports with your cables. Here in The Barn, I’ve got lots of […]

Why Are Digital Cameras So Complicated?

I take most of my pictures with my iPhone, and I have to admit, I don’t know how to use its camera very well. I’ve never found good documentation, and I’m only now starting to figure out some of its features. Heck, I only learned a few months ago that I could force the camera […]

Amazon Launches Wearable Technology Store

Amazon has launched a wearable technology storefront, feature categories such as Fitness & Wellness, Healthcare Devices, Wearable Cameras, Smart Watches and more. For now, there’s not a whole lot of stuff in the store, but it’s interesting to note that there’s an email address to “Sell your Wearable Technology Products.” Since it’s an email address, […]

Why I’m Ditching the Nike+ Fuelband

I recently reviewed three fitness trackers, and, after discussing the Nike+ Fuelband on a recent episode of The Committed podcast, decided I would try one out. But I’m not keeping it; I bought it from Nike, who offers unconditional 30 day returns, and I’m sending it back. (Bully to them, by the way; though if […]

iWant: A Vibrating Wristband

You may have read my recent review of three fitness trackers, one that clips on your belt or waistband, and the other two that you wear on your wrist. These are examples of wearable technology, which is the Next Big Thing, except that no one has done it right yet. I was talking to my […]

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