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The Committed Podcast Talks to Robyn Miller, Creator of Myst and Riven, and Director of The Immortal Augustus Gladstone

In the latest episode of The Committed podcast, we meet Robyn Miller. Robyn has been creating stories for decades. After the wildly successful Myst and its sequel Riven, he set out to become a filmmaker. His first feature film, The Immortal Augustus Gladstone, has been released digitally. Join me with Ian Schray and Rob Griffiths […]

App Review: Backgammon NJ HD

Backgammon is of my favorite board games. I’ve been playing it since I was a teenager, and its unique combination of luck and skill means that games are always interesting. Unlike a game such as go or chess, the chance dice rolls mean that even when behind, you can win (or lose) suddenly. I’ve tried […]

New iOS Game: Blackbar Creates Its Own Category

It’s rare to find a game that creates its own category. The new $3 Blackbar is unique. It’s a text-based game, where you have to fill in words that have been redacted from letters people exchange. One of them works for some government agency, and the Department of Communication filters and redacts these letters. Your […]

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