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How to Get Free Lives in Two Dots, Candy Crush, and Other Games

A friend plays Two Dots a lot, and is irked by the fact that, after you have lost five lives, you have to either wait a while, or pay to get more. I really dislike this sort of gameplay, where you get hit for in-app purchases all the time. So I don’t mind telling you […]

The Committed Podcast Talks to Robyn Miller, Creator of Myst and Riven, and Director of The Immortal Augustus Gladstone

In the latest episode of The Committed podcast, we meet Robyn Miller. Robyn has been creating stories for decades. After the wildly successful Myst and its sequel Riven, he set out to become a filmmaker. His first feature film, The Immortal Augustus Gladstone, has been released digitally. Join me with Ian Schray and Rob Griffiths […]

App Notes: Threes for iOS, a Confounding Puzzle Game

I’ve never been a big game player, and the games that attract me on my iPhone or iPad are generally the kind that contain puzzles. I like word games, such as Letterpress, and I’m a big backgammon player, and very much like Backgammon NJ HD. A new game called Threes, just released today for $2 […]

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