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Grateful Dead

iTunes Smart Playlist: Lots of Live Dead


I’ve made a smart playlist to group all of my live Grateful Dead recordings (just official releases). This uses a nested smart playlist, with a number of conditions. The first is Artist is Grateful Dead, and then I nest a number of conditions, beginning with Album begins with 1, since all of the Dead’s concerts […]

Grateful Dead, 1977: The Best Year for Tuning Up


This came out last year, but it’s good to remind people of one of the more interesting Grateful Dead recordings circulating. It’s all of the Grateful Dead’s tuning for the year 1977; more than an hour and a half of tuning up. If you’ve ever attended a Dead show, you know that the tuning was […]

Lots of Grateful Dead on the iTunes Store


The iTunes Store has a new band page for the Grateful Dead. In addition to better showcasing the band, there are four “collections” of music you can buy here: The first, Complete Studio Albums collection, is all the studio albums the Dead released, a total of 13. The second, Complete Live Albums Collection, is the […]

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