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Music Vault Releases Dozens Of Grateful Dead And Jerry Garcia Band Concerts On YouTube

Earlier this year, Music Vault announced the release of 13,000 archival videos on YouTube, ranging from The Who to Ken Kesey to The Allman Brothers to St. Vincent. The group opened their collection to the general public, graciously restoring and preserving these legendary performances.

Music Vault has been at it again, steadily uploading a stream of Grateful Dead and Dead-family concerts over the past week and a half. Their collection includes several full Dead concerts, including:

-6/18/76, 4/27/77, 11/24/78 at the Capitol Theatre
-08/05/79, 12/27/79, 12/28/79, 12/30/79, 12/26/80, 12/30/80 and 12/31/81 in Oakland
-12/30/77 and 12/31/77 at Winterland
-9/24/88 at MSG
-10/29/80, 10/30/80 and 10/31/80 at Radio City Music Hall
-12/31/90 at the Oakland Coliseum with Bradford Marsalis
-12/30/83 and 12/31/83 at the San Francisco Civic Auditorium
-5/28/82 at Moscone Center
-10/13/80 at Warfield Theatre
-08/04/76 at Roosevelt Stadium

The full collection also includes some Jerry Garcia Band performances, as well as a Jerry Garcia & Bob Weir show from 12/04/88. The full collection can be found on the Music Vault video page. Here are a few choice selections for you fine Deadheads on this fantastic Friday:

via Live For Live Music – Music Vault Releases Dozens Of Grateful Dead And Jerry Garcia Band Concerts On YouTube.

This is from about a month ago, but it’s the first time I spotted it. The video quality isn’t great for most of them, and a lot of them are simply black and white fixed camera recordings. But since there are so few videos of the Dead, this is a great resource. If only they had some from 1972…

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