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Grateful Dead to Release Sunshine Daydream, 8/27/72 Film and CD Set

Deadheads, get out your credit cards! This September will finally see an official release of 8/27/72 and Sunshine Daydream. After more than 40 years, we’ll finally get a crystal-clear recording of this iconic show, and a DVD or Blu-Ray of the Sunshine Daydream movie, shot that day. Most Deadheads know that this show, from Veneta, […]

Lots of Grateful Dead on the iTunes Store

The iTunes Store has a new band page for the Grateful Dead. In addition to better showcasing the band, there are four “collections” of music you can buy here: The first, Complete Studio Albums collection, is all the studio albums the Dead released, a total of 13. The second, Complete Live Albums Collection, is the […]

Essential Music: The Grateful Dead Movie Soundtrack

Buy from: | Amazon UK | Amazon FR | Amazon DE If you follow this blog, or read my writing on Macworld, you’ve noticed that, among my varied musical interests, one artist stands out: the Grateful Dead. I’ve been a Deadhead for 35 years, since I first saw the band in the Spring of […]

On Instrument Positioning in Live Recordings

All recordings of concerts are artificial. But once you’ve gotten that out of the way – you simply accept that you can never reproduce the actual sound of a live performance – you have to approach the question of how these recordings should be mixed. Not only are there questions of the volume of individual […]

The Grateful Dead Movie Now Available on Blu-Ray

I remember well, back in the summer of ’77, when The Grateful Dead movie was released. I don’t recall exactly where it was showing in New York City, but with my friends, I went to see it shortly after it opened. It was in one of the few movie theaters that had Dolby sound, and […]

Individual Shows from Grateful Dead Europe ’72 Set Now Available

It didn’t take long. Before many of the original purchasers received their box sets (see Europe 72 is Here for more about the set), the Grateful Dead, or rather Rhino Records, announced that they’ll be releasing all 22 shows individually. For now, there are only six shows available, at prices of $25 and $30 (3 […]

Europe ’72 Is Here

I finally got my Complete Europe ’72 box set: I got number 3047: In my initial listen to parts of the first show (4/7/72, Wembley Empire Pool, London, England), I’m very impressed by the quality of the mix and remastering. The instruments all sound fresh and clear, and the overall sound is very nice. It’s […]

Coming Soon: Grateful Dead Complete Europe ’72 Box Set

For Deadheads, there are few periods as cherished as 1972, and particularly the European tour, where the band rode around on busses and played 22 shows in a seven week period. While an early live album was released from this tour (called Europe ’72, this triple-LP set was a big hit in the 70s, but […]

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