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Access iCloud Files from Your Mac

While Apple has recently announced some new iCloud features that, under OS X 10.10 Yosemite, will allow you to easily access files stored on iCloud, that’s not yet the case. In my latest Macworld article, I show you how to find and access iCloud files on your Mac.

Did You Know: iCloud Email Sending Limits

I friend had a problem with his iCloud email account the other day: he got a message that he had exceeded his daily message sending limit. It turned out to be a glitch, but I looked into these limits, and found that, to my surprise, there are such things with iCloud email. According to Apple, […]

Get All Your iCloud Help in One Place

I discussed deleting documents from iCloud, in an article earlier today, and Dave Mark on The Loop, and in a Twitter discussion, mentioned how good and comprehensive the iCloud help is. He’s right; and it’s something most users don’t see. Go to, then look at the top right of the window, next to your […]

iCloud Is Bloated

I’ve written recently about iCloud; about how it’s a black hole that swallows up your data and documents, and how Apple is stingy with storage. But when you think about it, iCloud is many different services, all wrapped into one. Perhaps there are too many. You often hear people complain that certain apps are bloated; […]

The Cloud Bursts its Bubble

The cloud has been in the news lately. Prices are starting to drop for a number of cloud services – those online, in-the-ether file repositories. Google and Amazon have both lowered their prices recently, by about 50% for Amazon, and 68% for Google. But iCloud still only offers you 5 GB storage, no matter how […]

iCloud Is a Black Hole

I recently wrote about how 5 GB is insufficient for an iCloud account for many users, especially those who have multiple iOS devices. It would be a lot more logical for Apple to offer additional space when you buy a device from them. Heck, I’ve got two Macs, an iPhone, iPad Air, iPad mini, and […]

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