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Tweak Your DNS Settings to Speed Up the Internet

In my latest Macworld article, I look at ways you can speed up the internet – just a bit – by changing your DNS settings. Instead of using your ISP’s DNS – domain name system – server, you can use a public server which may be faster. I also tell you how to use a […]

Two-Step Authentication Is Too Complicated for Many People

Apple’s recent nude selfie hack illustrated the need for two-step or two-factor authentication (TFA) as a way of hardening the protection for online accounts. You may be familiar with this from banks, some of which use systems where you generate a one-time authentication code that you enter together with your password. It ensures that access […]

Terms and Conditions: Facebook Owns Everything You Post

After watching the documentary Terms and Conditions May Apply, I’ve decided to post occasional articles about the terms and conditions that we all agree to when using internet services. This is the first of a series. Let’s start with Facebook. Their Statement of Rights and Responsibilities is a simple overview of their many terms and […]

Movie Notes: Terms and Conditions May Apply

We all know that whenever we use the web, companies store our data, track our activities, and create profiles in order to target us with advertisements. Whether it be Google or Facebook, Twitter or Flickr, we’ve agreed to terms and conditions that we never read, and that we probably wouldn’t understand anyway. This documentary, Terms […]

Facebook Conducts Massive Psychology Experiment on Users, and You May Have Been a Subject

A group of scientists from Facebook, the University of California, San Francisco, and Cornell University has conducted a study, Experimental evidence of massive-scale emotional contagion through social networks, on nearly 700,000 unwitting Facebook users. This study shows that: emotional states can be transferred to others via emotional contagion, leading people to experience the same emotions […]

What Does Your Email Address Say About You?

Joe Kissell has written an excellent article over at TidBITS discussing email addresses and what they mean. Your email address actually says a lot about you, and about your technical capabilities. This may not matter to some people, but if you work in any modern industry, this is an important article to read. I, of […]

Review: Tooway Satellite Broadband from Avonline

Update, April 4, 2014: Tooway satellite performance has degraded substantially in recent weeks. At peak times, I’m lucky to get 50 K/sec downloads. It seems that they have way too many users, and their network is saturated. The slowdowns I mention in the article, such as from the iTunes Store, have become the norm, in […]

Delete Social Media and Online Accounts from a Single Control Panel

Are you fed up with social media? Tired of sharing your life with total strangers? Do you want to remove your accounts from online vendors and services? It can be hard to find the right pages on these services to delete accounts; after all, they want you to stay, even if you don’t actively use […]

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