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6 iOS Apps for Tuning Your Guitar

If you play guitar or another string instrument, one of the thankless tasks you do before you play—and in between songs—is getting your instrument in tune. There are several ways you can do this: You can have another instrument—preferably one that doesn’t go out of tune—play a note, and then tune your other strings to […]

Find Which Apps Use the Most Battery Power in iOS 8

If you have even had an iPhone or iPad that has lost its charge too quickly, you’ve certainly wondered about which apps are draining your battery. iOS 8 has a feature that lets you find that out. Go to the Settings app, then General > Usage > Battery Usage. You’ll see the time since the […]

Why Are So Few People Updating to iOS 8?

As always, with an iOS update, there is an initial rush of users to the new operating system, and 46% of iOS users had updated as of September 21. However, since then, upgrades have stagnated, with a mere 1% of users updating in the past two weeks. Apple’s numbers – measured by App Store usage […]

1,451 Crash Logs

iOS, like any operating system, stores crash logs when something goes wrong. For my two main iOS devices – my iPhone 5s and my iPad Air – I have 1,451 crash logs. For the iPhone 6, which I’m returning (I’m still waiting for Apple to send someone to pick it up), I have 567 crash […]

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