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App Review: Overcast, a New Podcast Player for iOS


As a podcaster, and a podcast listener, it’s important that I have an easy-to-use app for managing, downloading and listening to podcasts. iTunes used to work for me, but with the changes that Apple made to iTunes 11, and the quirky Podcasts app for iOS, I’ve pretty much given up on using that solution. The […]

iWant: AirPlay Streaming from iOS Devices to Macs


AirPlay is very cool. You can stream from a Mac to various devices, such as an Apple TV, or to standalone AirPlay-compatible speakers. You can stream from an iOS device to an Apple TV or to standalone AirPlay speakers. But one thing I’d like, which currently isn’t possible, is to stream from an iOS device […]

How To: Delete Apps on iOS


You may not realize it, but there are several ways to delete iOS apps. You can do so on an iOS device (two ways), or in iTunes (two ways). Learn how in my latest Macworld article, Four ways to delete iOS apps.

App Review: James Joyce’s Ulysses, A Guide


What better way to celebrate Bloomsday – June 16, the day on which James Joyce’s Ulysses is set – than by discovering the novel in an interactive iPad app? Naxos, known for its classical music releases and audiobooks, has released the $9 Joyce’s Ulysses: A Guide which gives you Joyce’s great novel, plus a plethora […]

Will Apple Allow Headphones to Use Lightning Ports? What’s the Point?


Apple has reportedly introduced specifications for headphones that use a lightning connector; that’s the one you plug into your iOS device to sync and charge it. According to 9to5Mac: Apple will allow two configurations for the headphones. Standard Lightning Headphones are described by Apple as using minimum components when paired with a digital-to-analog converter supported […]

With OS X Yosemite and iOS 8 Apple Plays the Long Game


In speaking with colleagues over the past few days, the consensus is that Apple’s Keynote at the WWDC on Monday was the most impressive that we have seen in many years. Sure, there was no new hardware: no iWatch, no retina iMac, no 4K display, but what we saw was two operating systems getting massive […]

In Praise of the Dvorak Keyboard Layout


Hi, I’m Kirk, and I use the Dvorak keyboard layout. This has nothing to do with composer Antonín Dvořák, best known for his New World Symphony (and less well known for his string quartets, a wonderful collection of which is this one by the Emerson String Quartet). No, the Dvorak keyboard layout was created and […]

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