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Will Apple Allow Headphones to Use Lightning Ports? What’s the Point?


Apple has reportedly introduced specifications for headphones that use a lightning connector; that’s the one you plug into your iOS device to sync and charge it. According to 9to5Mac: Apple will allow two configurations for the headphones. Standard Lightning Headphones are described by Apple as using minimum components when paired with a digital-to-analog converter supported […]

Apple Stealthily Releases iPad Mini with Retina Display


Apple has quietly released the iPad mini with retina display, making it available on its online stores in a number of countries. I have not yet heard of it being on sale in Apple retail stores; it’s possible that it will be available in very limited quantities. It is thought that Apple is proceeding with […]

Further Thoughts About the iPad Air: Should You Upgrade?


On Friday, when I got my iPad Air, I wrote some first impressions about the device. I’ve now had the Air for a full weekend, which included an overnight trip (to see yet another Shakespeare play), where I brought the Air to have something to read in my hotel. I’ve had time to get to […]

The iPad mini is a Book; the iPad Air is a Magazine


I wrote about my first impressions of the iPad Air yesterday, and posted that article about two hours after I got the Air. Later, I posted an update, saying: “Aside from the use of the iPad as a content creation device, which is not my use case, it seems to me that the full-sized iPad […]

Comparing Colors Between the iPad Air and iPad Mini


Earlier today, I posted my first impressions of the iPad Air. I like it a lot. But I noticed something: in comparison with my iPad mini, the colors are different. The blues are much bluer, and the reds seem a bit more muted. It’s hard to see it in a photo, but here’s one I […]

iWant: Dvorak Keyboard Layout on iOS Devices


I use a Dvorak keyboard layout on my computers; you know, the one that has a more logical layout than QWERTY. I’ve been using it since I became a freelancer in 1996: at that time, I realized that I needed to learn to touch-type, and did some research about keyboard layouts. But when I use […]

iPad Air: First Impressions


I recently wrote about my hesitation as to whether I would buy an iPad Air or an iPad mini with retina display. Since I had gotten an iPad mini, I was convinced that the smaller form factor was the future of the iPad. Part of that reason was the weight; the previous full-sized iPad was […]

iPad Air or iPad mini with Retina Display? Good Reasons for Either


I’ve owned iPads since the first model was released. Back in April, 2010, I wrote about the first iPad, saying, “The device itself is very attractive, easy to hold, but it’s heavy. I can’t see using this while standing in the subway, or even using it for a long time without being able to rest […]

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