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Will Apple Allow Headphones to Use Lightning Ports? What’s the Point?

Apple has reportedly introduced specifications for headphones that use a lightning connector; that’s the one you plug into your iOS device to sync and charge it. According to 9to5Mac: Apple will allow two configurations for the headphones. Standard Lightning Headphones are described by Apple as using minimum components when paired with a digital-to-analog converter supported […]

Beware of New Phishing Emails Targeting iPhone Users

There have been reports of iPhone users being held hostage by scammers locking their iPhones. No one hacked Apple’s servers; more likely, iPhone users got stung by phishing emails, and gave up their Apple IDs and passwords. I just got another one of those emails. At first glance, it looks legit, and scary: the subject […]

Hardware Notes: Anker 40W 5-Port USB Charger

You know how, when you have a dozen or so devices to charge, that it gets increasingly complicated to charge them? You only have so many USB ports on your computer to plug them in, and it’s annoying to keep playing musical USB ports with your cables. Here in The Barn, I’ve got lots of […]

Why Are Digital Cameras So Complicated?

I take most of my pictures with my iPhone, and I have to admit, I don’t know how to use its camera very well. I’ve never found good documentation, and I’m only now starting to figure out some of its features. Heck, I only learned a few months ago that I could force the camera […]

An iPhone User Goes Android

I’ve written about the Motorola Moto G here on Kirkville, and I’ve written an article for Macworld, discussing my experiences with an android phone. “I’ve been using an iPhone for a few years, but I’ve always been curious about Android. Not because I didn’t like my iPhone, but I wanted to know if I was […]

Apple’s Touch ID: I Want It Everywhere

As I check my iPhone from time to time during the day, I’m occasionally reminded of how efficient Touch ID is. Instead of typing a passcode, my fingerprint unlocks my phone. Granted, the passcode is only four digits, but with Touch ID, I’ve set my phone to lock immediately, instead of having the security risk […]

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