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iPhone Repair Programs for iPhone 5 Issues

If you own an iPhone 5, you might want to check out these two Apple repair programs, even if the iPhone is no longer covered by warranty. The first, the iPhone 5 Battery Replacement Program, will replace your battery free of charge, if you meet certain eligibility requirements. Apple says: “Apple has determined that a […]

Why I Returned My iPhone 6

As I recently wrote in a Macworld article, Why I’m returning my iPhone 6 (well, maybe), Apple’s latest phone just doesn’t work for me. When I wrote the article, I was still on the fence, but this morning, I’ve returned the iPhone 6. I found it interesting that a large number of commenters to the […]

The Committed Podcast Goes In-Depth on the iPhone 6

On this week’s episode of The Committed podcast, Ian Schray and I welcome Christina Warren (Rob couldn’t make it), and we talk about the iPhone 6. We have a lot more to say than in the previous episode, because, now, we all have iPhone 6s. But I am likely to return mine, because it’s too […]

The iPhone Bends; So What?

First it was dropping iPhone 6s, because the first person who bought one was interviewed on TV in Australia, and he dropped it. So everyone had to video themselves dropping iPhones. Now, it’s bent iPhones. Because someone didn’t realize that, when you sit on something, there’s this thing called physics that says that, when there’s […]

Why I Might Return My IPhone 6

Like many (many, many) people, I preordered a new iPhone 6 as soon as I possibly could. I didn’t choose the iPhone 6 Plus, the clown-shoe version of this device, but went for the standard-sized model. I’ve often desired to have a slightly larger screen, so I welcomed the idea of a 4.7-inch iPhone. I […]

Does Your iPhone 6 Get Too Hot to Handle?

I noticed, the first day I had my iPhone 6 (Friday), that it got very warm. Asking on Twitter, two people replied that theirs got too hot to handle: one during setup and syncing, and another while playing a game. The second person was going to take it into a genius bar to have it […]

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