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Apple Discontinued iPod Classic Because They Couldn’t Get Parts Anymore?

Tim Cook was interviewed yesterday at the WSJD Live conference, run by the Wall Street Journal. Among his comments in the interview was one that the Wall Street Journal quotes or paraphrases Cook saying: Apple stopped making the 160GB iPod Classic because it couldn’t get the parts anymore from anywhere in the world. This is […]

Farewell iPod classic

Apple announced a new iPhone, and a watch, and they’ve also unveiled a new website. One thing they didn’t announce, however, is the demise of the iPod classic. There are now only three iPod models: Yet they’re still using the iPad classic’s shape as the icon for the iPod section of their online store. Farewell […]

Copy Files from your iPhone, iPad or iPod to your Mac

I get lots of questions from readers and visitors to this site, and the most common question is this: My computer crashed and I lost all my music! How can I copy my files from my iPod back to my computer? Read on to find out how to do this…

(Note: this doesn’t work with an iPod touch, or with an iPhone, because you cannot mount those devices in hard disk mode.)

The Committed Podcast Discusses Apple’s Earnings, the End of the iPod and More

On this week’s episode of The Committed podcast, Ian Schray, Rob Griffiths and I discuss Apple’s most recent earnings; the latest quarter when they printed money again. We also talk about the end of the iPod, some new features on the Apple TV, and the new Overcast podcast app for iOS. Listen to The Committed, […]

Elegy for the iPod, the device that transformed Apple

In my latest Macworld article, I look back at the history of the iPod, but also the history of the portable music player. As the iPod’s sales are decreasing, new devices are replacing it: iPhones, iPads, and even, perhaps, the mythical iWatch. I hold a small metal device in my hands and twirl my finger […]

Will Apple Allow Headphones to Use Lightning Ports? What’s the Point?

Apple has reportedly introduced specifications for headphones that use a lightning connector; that’s the one you plug into your iOS device to sync and charge it. According to 9to5Mac: Apple will allow two configurations for the headphones. Standard Lightning Headphones are described by Apple as using minimum components when paired with a digital-to-analog converter supported […]

The End of the iPod

It was just a dozen years ago, but it seems like it’s been decades. In October, 2001, Apple introduced the first iPod. No one knew, at the time, that Apple’s portable music player would revolutionize the way we listen to music, and the music industry itself. The iPod certainly wasn’t the first MP3 player, but […]

If You Want to Save Space on your iPod or iPhone, Check Your Album Artwork

If you have a large music collection, and have to cull it to squeeze as much as possible on your iPhone or iPod, you may want to look at another way to save space. If you have album artwork for all your tracks, you may want to consider checking how much space it takes up. […]

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